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Goten Galore v.10 Goten Through the Years
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The Goten Network

The Goten Network is a RingSurf webring for webmasters/webmistresses with sites that are shrines to Goten, shrines to Goten along with other characters, or sites with small to moderate sections about Goten. (info., images, fanstuff, etc...)

The rules are pretty basic and simple - the site must be atleast partially completed, no excessive yaoi/yuri/hentai/cursing/violence/or the like (though a little is okay) and above all: *be willing to respect fellow members of the ring.*

As the ring continues to grow in number, we'll start planning a mailing list and other ring activities.

After joining, please copy/paste the ring code to your website. It doesn't have to be on the main page, but please post it somewhere that is easily found. Thanks.

Interested? Join the Goten Network!
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Disclaimer: I did not create Dragonball Z/Gt, Akira Toriyama and a bunch of other Japanese artist dudes did that. Dragonball is a copyright of Bird Studios/Shueisha, TOEI Animation. It is licensed by FUNimation. All other animes and their likenesses are copyrights of their respective companies. Goten Galore Copyright 2000- by Ellana.