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Hey! Welcome to our DBZ archive. This is Atomic Anton here to inform you that we got a 3 NEW music videos, check them out on the music vid. section. And FINALLY high quality pictures are now at your disposal, the gallery and animated gifs pages are up and running!!! We got a song in the backround for the home page, and a sound clip on the funny $#!+ page, which you'll luagh your @$$ off, inless you like barney, but they're gonna take a minute or 2 or so to get started, but once it does, when ever you go back to the homepage, it should start quik. The song is by my favorit band, System of a Down and the song is called "I-E-A-I-A-I-O" off there new C.D., Steal this Alblum. DON'T forget to check out my friend's page at the bottom of my site, it's called Angel Pics., it also contains my NEW music vid. I also got a new thing up I decided to do, QUOTE OF THE WEEK!!! It's quotes from people, as well as me, and if you want your quote, just e-mail me. If you've got any suggestions or questions, please e-mail Atomic Anton, or Heroshima. O yea and, I forgot to say this a looong time ago....DRAGON BALL AF IS FAKE!!!! THIS GUY IN JAPAN DID A REALLY GOOD DRAWING AND A COMIC OF IT, BUT IT ISN'T REAL!!! IF YOU SEE A CARTOON OF IT, IT'S PROBABLY JUST A FAKE ONE, LIKE HOW THEY MAKE THOSE HENTAI ONES!!!! Well, enjoy our site! PEACE!!!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK-"You all luagh becuase I'm different. I luagh becuase you are all the same."-Heavy Top T-Shirt Co.
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ANGEL PICS, a site for you anime pic. needs, and has some music vids. from other sites as well as ours!!! Let's just say it's our "brother" site.

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