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The Best Site Dedicated to the One-and-Only TORI!

Hi and Welcome to The TerriTori! I have endeavored to create a full and comprehensive site, and there's going to be heaps! There'll be fanart and fics, an image gallery, and more! If anyone has any suggestions or anything for the site, please don't hesitate to email me!

UPDATE FOR 25 of JAN 2003
Happy New Year, guys! The contest was a huge flop so oh well, goodbye to that. Do do do. Saves me a job anyway. That's about all. Bye!

UPDATE FOR 6 of DEC 2002
Hey guys. I'm sorry but there'll be no new layout for a long time. I really have no time now and a plane to catch in a few hours, so I'll do one at the end of January, promise!
Hey, look at this! Check out all the countries I've had visit my site! United States, Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and that's not all! Wow, that's really cool. It just shows how popular Card Captors really is. It makes me feel really cool! ~^_^~

UPDATE FOR 5 of DEC 2002
Hey! it's the contest!!! Give it a go folks, it'll be worth it in the end!! (hopefully) and I know I haven't updated in a while, but you'll have to wait another six weeks to get it. In the meantime, have fun with the contest! Join Now Please!
And I'll try to get that new layout up for tomorrow, but as I leave tomorrow afternoon, I can't promise anything. Sorry! And thanks to Cherry-chan and Amy for the tres kawaii affie awards you guys gave me! ~^_^~ They're up now at last. Merry Christmas!!

UPDATE FOR 25 of NOV 2002
Hey all! Yep, exams are OVER!! So I'll be making up a NEW layout for Christmas! Hows that! But the decorations won't be ccoming down until after the 18 of Jan, I'm afraid. Now for the news!
Cherry Blossom Dreams has moved, so update your bookmarks! And that art competition I supposedly entered, I have recieved no notification whatsoever, so I guess my emails didn't get through or something. Hmph. v\_/v# Also, I have a new affie! Amy's Fanstation so go look! Also, I'm thinking about creating a new site. I know I don't update heaps, but I like having them and it's something I can work on. So there. And the competition is coming! It'll be up in the next week, before I'm off to Australia and I'll expect to see my inbox overflowing when I get back, 'k? Good! ^_^ Now everyone dust off the mistletoe so your fave anime chars won't miss ya! Oh and don't forget to vote for me!! look down a smidge.... yep, right there. Click it! Ciao!

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