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Some lazy guy last updated this page 4.25.06 At 2.21 pm
And again at 7.28.06, which is less than 6 months. Whooo, new record!
And again at 3.30.07...which is a while past heh....

Hello to everyone that somehow found this site:] Repeat customers may notice the grafix upgrade, it's all thanks to the nice folks at It's 7h3 coolness. I get a kick out of how the picture overwrites the angelfire ads, heh heh. Also I made a version of...something... It's basicaly Just complete and utter randomness/insanity, if you want to check it out use the Random... link on the right. It's a slightly diffrent color from the rest, or is it exactly the same? And the insanity just starts from there! And yes there was a reason for the background that I picked for it, and no I'm not gay, the back ground just makes it a lot more disturbing if you think about try not too lol

Not much else has changed though. I will slowly try and convert the other pages into not suck format but it might take a while..a long while...Really long...Seriously don't wait up for it. Update: Yea this isn't happening, for 2 reasons. First being that I am a lazy, lazy person, the second being that I feel the old crap kinda has a charm to it....may not be a good type of charm but I'll take what I can get:]

I will try and update on a "more" regular basis (fat chance Homes) and put up some pics...or something. Boy, sure is a lot of space to kill here... I think I'll use the room below to do one of those Blog...things... They seem to be the rage nowdays 'eh? Or would that make my Rant page pointless? Blah!!! I'll do whatever the hell I want since the anime listing deal didn't work out all that well...

Dealings that I have been having (What's been going on)
Not much again, just standing around at work killling a few min untill I can go home. Turned in my aplication for Alabama, now just have to wait untill they send a reply back. Found out that I had missed the date for scholarships (big suprise there) but I had thought that was going to be the case...started playing a new MMo, Rappelz. It's okie but not all that great, it is free however. I will probably keep playing it untill I can get one of the cool looking pets, seeing as when I first started I found a Siren card but the taming failed on it. Once I get one the whole game will prob be shot for me heh, just like when homunculi were introduced in Ragnarok Online, after I messed around with them for a while I found that there wasn't much let in Ro to intrest me anymore. Found out that I don't have the drive/will/whatever it takes to make and keep up a myspace page...Other than that not really much has been happening, I spend a little more time sitting around 4chan and Newgrounds and a little less time caring about anything heh. Curse of 4chan my butt... I wonder when that guy will release the next flash in the Ludias Maximas series...soon I hope.
Yea not much going on around here, work and things falling apart around just the normal crap. First the crap that's falling down around me, My kia (sportage 98) is acting up rather badly. The power steering has gone out, and the timing seems to be fucked up. Which really pisses me off considering that I just had the timing reset less than 6 months ago. I also can't put on the powersteering belt because I can't fit my hand into the space required....
Whoo, another joyous day in the land of the boron. Got up late for work, did the shower/breakfast thing and got to work 3 clicks past 8. I delivered one ticket and then slept for an hour and 45 min, since I didn't get to bed untill about 1 last night/morning. The day went by normaly after that and...damn this is boring. How in the hell do people write down all the crap that they do everyday? I mean really, is it just that my life is so dull that I get bored just remembering it? I thought about making one of those myspace acounts the other know, to help with the ladies and everything. But what the hell would I put up there?! I mean I have this site that I update everytime hell looks like it's about to freeze over, why in the hell do I think I would update a myspace page? Hell, I only check my e-mail after I've ordered something online and it's taking too long to get here. It finaly hit me, I could make a myspace acount and put all kinds of random crap up on it and a link to this site. Freaking Genuis man! Since the whole myspace deal seems to revolve around adding "friends" or "buddies" or whatever you call them, I could possibly get a whole lot of people to look at this site. Not that would have much of a purpose...But hey, it would require less effort than keeping 2 pages updated 'eh? I think I'm going to work on that Random page a bit..see if I can get it to make less sense. Oh and get it uploaded...heh...
*Miss-spelled words make secret message*
Sakura Diaries, IN A NUTSHELL!!!! Lets see....Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl. Boy tries to get into same school as girl, boy fails to do so. Boy lies and says he did get into said school. Boy moves in with hot cousin to study up and try and get into said shool. Hot cousin has long time crush on boy and tries her damndest to get him to realize this, boy is retarded. Boy ignores cousin and stays after girl that could care less for him. Boy does incredibly insinsitive and hateful things to cousin who still tries to help him get girl. Boy finaly realizes cousin actulaly cares for him and has helped him all along, wiggs out and moves in with delequent friend. Delequent friend tells him that someone that cares like his cousin is very rare, and that he should deal with school and then aproach here with open mind. Boy does so and gets into another school. Cousin cries, and then decides that if boy is happy that is good enough for her. Ending is either happy or cousin's fantasy...hard to tell... 9/10

Happy Lesson... I love this anime! It's has some of the best characters I have seen in a while (Student B and C, Whoooo!), a mixing of many elements (loads of humor, romance, mecha, snowboarding, pop-stars, world domination plots, and some other stuff I forgot), just kicks. I can't really define the one thing I liked most about this anime, eveything was great... Except Uzuki's voice. It fits her character, but it just is annoying. Other than that a great anime...Too bad it's only 12eps and an oav. Also has a manga series that got canceled after the first issue, still a good buy though, just consider it a side story}:/ 47/chair These are ratings just incase you were wondering
Update: I found out there is a second series, Happy Lesson Advance. Unfortunetly I don't think it's coming Stateside anythime soon...Thank god for fan-subs

Things that aren't poop
Cats, robots, monster energy brand drinks, new cars, airplanes, a fluffy pillow, spider eggs, funny hats, anime, DVD's that actulay work, books, non mercury laden water, Florida, bottle caps, lava lamps, keyboards with less than 3 missing keys, wet cell batteries, wall scrolls, roses, peach juice, my pants, white-gold bracelets, silver bells, steeltoe boots, ear-medicine pens, lcd tvs, spare change, low intrest rate loans, powersteering, homemade miso soup, Heineken beer, Red Stripe Beer, free beer lithium ion batteries, razor wire, permanent markers, grass, fried rice, cake batter, poisoned beef...

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