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Wat Guys Name Mean


What Guys Names Mean:

Aarons- are sexy and athletic
Adams- are quiet and sweet
Alexs- are gorgeous but play every girl
Andys- are nice(untill you get to know them)
Bens- are funny and smart
Bobs- are quiet and unpopular
Brads- think everyone likes them...they don't
Brandons- are good looking but use girls
Brendens- are quiet and sweet
Bretts- are cute and small
Brians- are disgusting pigs
Bryans- are sexy, but stupid
Camerons- think they're funny...they're not
Chads- are cute but too full of themselves
Charlies- are mean but nice at times
Charles- think they're sweet...they're not
Chris- are adorable and have lots of different friends
Clarks- are hilarious and always in truoble
Corys- are funny but ugly
Craigs- try to fit in
Dans- are HOT! HOT! HOT!
Dannys- are sweeties
Davids- are HOT, HOT, HOT, nice but quiet
Dereks- are rich boys
Dominics- are hilarious and will do anything
Dougs- have greasy faces
Drews- are bad ass losers
Eddies- want too many chicks they'll never get cuz they're assholes
Erics- are funny and treat girls how they want to be treated
Eriks- think they're funny and popular...theyre not
Evans- are a little slow but sweet, sexy, and every other good thing in this forward
Franks- are "diffrent"
Garys- are drug addicts
Gregs- are nerds with big ears
Jakes- are whiteboys that need a race check
Jasons- are noodles
Jeffs- are sweet and big flirts
Jerehmes- are HOT, HOT, HOT
Jeremys- are cute but straight
Jermaines- are sexy and make girls horny
Jesses- are popular and fine
James- are sweet kind and always laughing
Jimmys- are sweet but users
Jims- are sweet, nice, and flirty
Joes- have no friends or lifes
Johns- are fat and lazy
Joses- are hot chulos
Joshs- are horny men
Juniors- are hot but shy
Justins- are athletic and cute
Kevins- can never get a girlfriend
Kurts- can kick anyones ass
Kyles- are little cuties
Leos- are sweet, and adorable but shy
Leonardos- seems to flirt alot and conceited
Lorenzos- are fine and dress good
Lukes- seem to be sweet until they stab you in the back with another girl
Marks- wished girls liked them and are always trying to meet people
Matts- cute and are nice to have around.
Mikes- are very good looking but theyll do anything with anyone
Nathans- are stupid as hell
Nicks- are funny pimps with big dicks
Reggies- are funny, sweet and know how to make a girl feel good
Roberts- are HOT!, flirty, and knows how to treat women
Ryans- are cute, funny, flirty, and easy to talk to
Sams- are sex maniacs
Scotts- are HOT!, flirty, and the sweetest guys you will ever meet
Seans- are funny... but cute looking
Shawns- are funny but sweet
Steves- are popular and funny
Tims- are smart and quiet
Travis- are hot but a bit weird
Trevors- are sweet and funny
Tylers- are gay
Wills- think they're all that