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All Bout Meeh


NaMe: Wendy Lau
B-DaY: July 3
AgE: 14
GeNdEr: female
LiVe: h~town
SkOol: Kerr High Skool
SiBlInG: got an older sister
EyE CoLoR: dark brown
HaIr CoLoR: dark brown, preferred black
DaTiNg StAtUs: single
Height: 5'2" (i think)
HoBBiEs: hangin w/ my friends, shoppin, talkin on the phone, goin to da mall or movies, and goin online
FaV CoLoR: baby blue
FaV SoNg: Even Angels Fall, Songs by Dance Dance Revolution, Miss Papaya, and SmileDK
FaV MoViE: 10 Things I Hate About You
FaV TV ShOw: Friends
FaV FoOd: Pizza n those Vietnamese Sandwiches (omg they are so good)
FaV HaNgOut: the mall, movies, anywhere fun
Nationality: Chinese (Canton)
FaV sPoRt: B-ball
FaV MuSiC: techno, trance, and dance
FaV RaDiO StAtIoN: 104.1, i guess cuz there isn't any station that plays techno or dance
ThInGs I hAtE: people who try sooo hard to be popular, snobs, bitches, some of my teachers, haters, posers, and ppl who are wannabe azn