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Welcome to the Lilac Sakura Home page :)

Here is our heroine, Sakura. She is a very cute and active elementary school girl who by chance allowed many Clow Cards to escape from a book in her father's library, in fact all of them. (Actually Kero-chan had a lot to do with it too.) Whether or not Sakura had magical powers before this incident, she was appointed as a "Cardcaptor" by Keroberos. Now she must capture all of the Clow Cards before they wreak havoc with Earth. Her family is comprised of father Aiden (Fujitaka) and her brother Tori (Touya), who always manages to annoy her great-grandfather Masaki Amamiya (external link). When Sakura was age 3, her mother Nadeshiko died. Sakura is a very kind and loving, and has good qualities for a card captor: persistence, will, and street smarts. While Sakura first favors Julian (Yukito) in the beginning of our story, she later develops a liking for Showron Li.

Jason Wang's special comments on Sakura's Nelvana/US personality:
"Ok I must say that I was quite pleased that Sakura was keeping her original name and not Nikki like was originally planned. (However they did change her last name to Avalon >.<) But this girl's voice actor is totally off. Well for one thing Sakura is supposed to be a fourth grader, this girl sounds like she's 19 or something. Well I guess I could forgive that, but I can't forgive the slight arrogance of Sakura Avalon's voice. [Jason's is ok though.] Sakura Kinomoto (Japanese Version) is supposed to be kind of awkward about the whole Card Capturing thing and humble, the US Version of Sakura sounds more assertive and proud, which is ok, but that's just not the real Sakura we all know and love. A great example is Sakura's Rival (US TV Episode #1). In this episode, Sakura and Li are both trying to get the Thunder card. At the end, Madison says something along the lines of "I guess you guys caught the card together?" Then Sakura Avalon says "I could [sic] of done it myself" --TOTALLY not a Sakura Kinomoto line. Sakura Kinomoto was more unhappy about the total arrogance/rudeness of Sayoren to be worried about who caught the Clow Card."

Birthday: April 1
Age: 10
Grade: 4th
Blood Type: A
Favorite Subjects: PE, music
Hates to Study: Math
Extracurricular Activity: Cheerleading
Favorite Colors: Pink, white
Favorite Flower: Cherry blossom (sakura)
Favorite Food: Noodles
Hates to Eat: Taro Root
Best Recipe: Pancakes
Wants: A new schoolbag