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Character Profiles

Cardcaptors Characters

Name: Sakura Avalon
Likes to Roller Blade to School
10 Years Old
Learning to Cook
Opened the Clow book and released the Clow Cards by accidentally using the Windy Card
Gymnast, has demonstrated her skills by doing cartwheels and twirling batons
Favorite Clow Card is Windy, used many times to capture other Clow Cards, though you could argue the Fly and Jump cards as well 
Wears the many costumes that Madison has made for her 
Name: Madison Taylor
Expert Seamstress, makes outfits for Sakura to wear for her Clow Card adventures, they always fit
Future Photographer, loves to video all Sakura's Clow Card captures
Has also helped in the capture of some Clow Cards (Water Card, Maze Card) 
Name: Keroberos (Kero for short)
Appointed by Clow Reed as Guardian of the Clow Cards
Has vast knowledge of the Clow Cards and magic
Loves to play video games
Weakness: mention food since he is always hungry
Name: Tori Avalon
Older Brother of Sakura
Learning Karate
Rides bike to High School
Loves to pick on Sakura, calling her squirt and making fun of her cooking
Tricked my the Mirror Card and broke his foot
Name: Julian Star
Friend of Tori
In the same Physics class as Tori
Also rides bike to school

Name: Li Showron
Has magical powers, can sense if a Clow Card is close
Direct descendent of Clow Reed
Has been training since he was very young
Currently has the following Claw Cards: Time, Freeze, Dash
A little scared of heights
Uses a talisman to conjure up the powers of the elements, ex. fire, lightning, wind
Carries a "Lasin Board" to help locate Clow Cards nearby
Name: Meilin Rae
Has trained with Li since she was very young
Does not have any magical powers, but has helped capture the Fight, Maze, and Twin cards
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