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Chapter Sixteen: Stage One of Operation: Final Bout

For the past several days, Hibiki sat happily in the lounge. He turned to find Pyoro hovering next to him, holding Anita. Hibiki was getting tired if Pyoro calling her “Pyoro 3" and Hibiki Jr. “Pyoro 3.1". Although, it did have a catchy ring to it. He felt like an old man, he was only seventeen and he was tending to his kids like a thirty year old. But, it felt right. Trouble was, how was he going to explain this to people of Tarak? He didn’t have to go back but it would have been nice to have some sort of explanation.

He stood and grabbed Anita from Pyoro who started cursing at him wildly.

“Just what do you think you’re doing with Pyoro 3?” yelled the tiny robot. Hibiki cradled his daughter in his arms as he shot Pyoro a very nasty look. Anita had already had shoulder length hair which was king of weird for a baby who was only a few months old. But was cute about it was that it was bright red like her mother’s and she held the same blue eyes. What’s more was that her hair would curl at the bottom. Hibiki smiled but that soon faded when he noticed something warm on his chest.

“Uh, gross” he whispered. He had spit up all over his shirt, if he needed proof that he was a parent that would be it. Trying to wipe the smelly liquid from his shirt and holding the baby, he traveled down the corridor. His initial destination was the nursery which Ezra had took charge off but stopped short when he spotted a blue haired girl come bobbing into view.

“Oh, let me hold her please?” asked Misty. Before Hibiki could say anything, Misty grabbed Anita from him and held her like she had loads of experience doing it. The baby smiled as she grabbed Misty’s hair and started pulling it.

“So how does it feel to be a father?” she asked.

“More responsibility, less sleep.” he answered. Misty giggled.

“Where’s little Hibiki?” she said. He thought for a moment, where was he?

“He’s with Dita, I think they took him to the women’s quarters. I don’t think he’ll have a nice time there.” he said trying to remember the feeling he would get when he would enter the women’s area of the Nirvana. Just then, Dita came strolling down the corner. A baby sleeping lazily on her shoulder.

“You know what? He eats and sleeps just like his father.” she laughed. Misty laughed too as she noticed the comparison between the two. Dita came over and kissed Hibiki on the cheek.

“Want to switch?” she asked. Hibiki nodded, he tried to spend as much time with both of his kids as he could. For he knew, one day he could perish from the harsh reality of space fighting. He grabbed his son and laid him on his shoulder like Dita had done. Damn, this boy could sleep through anything. Hibiki couldn’t help but chuckle himself when he noticed his son’s mouth wide open, saliva dripping down his chin. Yep, that reminded of him of himself. Dita took Anita from Misty.

“I’m taking her to see Parfait, she hasn’t been able to see her ever since she’s been assigned to watch over the Pecksis.” she said. That brought an idea to Hibiki’s head.

“Oh, steer clear of Pyoro. That dumb robot will try anything to get his little hands on one of them” he said as he left. Misty followed Dita around the corner and into the sub levels of the ship as Hibiki left for the men’s quarters.

When he finally reached it, he settled the baby onto his bed. He tucked a pillow under his little head placed the sheets over him. With the help of Parfait, he pressed a switch and the bed converted itself to a child safe mode. The sides of the bed silently sprung a wall in which the baby wouldn’t fall off. The sheet weren’t very soft so they were just right. He watched his son sleep peacefully until he heard footsteps behind him. He whizzed around and noticed both Bart and Duero staring at him through the doorway.

“What’s up guys?” he whispered. Duero went up to him and eyed the baby.

“We just wanted to see your new addition.” he said.

His son was featured more in his favor, with messy black hair and chestnut eyes. He could definitely tell that he had his personality. But then, something hit him.

“Duero, do me a favor and watch this little guy. I have something to tend to.” he said as he stood and walked passed Bart. Hibiki eyed the clock in the hall.

12:45 p.m.

Seeing that everyone was on lunch break, he broke into a run down the hall and into the women’s section of the Nirvana. As he ran, several women waved a congratulations to him. He regarded them, but his agenda couldn’t go unnoticed any longer. He found Dita hanging with some of the female crew with Anita.

“Dita” he said.

Dita looked at him and gave him a angry look.

“That’s not what you’re supposed to be calling me now.” she said. Hibiki felt his face flush as he realized that he couldn’t get out of this.

“Oh... um... honey? We need to do something. Just the two of us, they can watch Anita for a second.” he hesitated. How he hated when she mixed him into her little fantasies. Dita gave one of the female crew members Anita.

“I’ll be back girls, me and my (she looked at him) husband need to do something.” she said. Hibiki felt blood rush through his neck, he had also forgotten that Dita had also went to Misty about male and female relations. All of the girls giggled.

Hibiki grabbed Dita by the hand and walked her over to the bridge.

“What is this about?” she asked.

“I think we haven’t discovered all of the Nirvana’s abilities. If I’m right, then we won’t have to worry about fighting the harvest again.” he said.

Dita stopped.

“I thought you defeated them?” she asked.

“Not quite, that wasn’t the actual mother ship. That was just the elite ship. When I destroyed it, they decided to bring out the big guns.” he said.

“So what do you plan we do?” she asked. Hibiki smiled and turned to her.

“I’m suggesting that you and I combine with the ship. There’s two ways, if we manage to succeed there’s nothing we can’t do. And considering everyone’s off duty, we can try the first one now.” he said.

“What’s the first?” she asked,

“Let’s see if two people can navigate the ship.” he said as they entered the bridge. A major question mark appeared over Dita’s head.

“I thought only men could control the Nirvana?” she said. Hibiki shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s what they want you to think.” he answered. “In fact that’s true but only in certain conditions.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Remember me telling you about my third class friends?”


“They’re the ones who helped build the men’s portion of this ship.” he said.

Hibiki took hold of Dita’s hand and pulled her to the small orb that glowed at the end of the bridge platform. It glowed a bright blue as they approached it.

“That’s strange, I’ve never seen this do that when I got near it.” she said. Hibiki sighed.

“That’s because we have never been here at the very same time.” he said. They both stood at the rim of the orb as it shimmered as if it was made of some sort of liquid.

“Ready?” he asked. Dita nodded.

They entered.

Hibiki tried to focus his vision as he wondered that his idea worked. His observed his surroundings, it looked like he was floating in a round transparent chamber. In front of him, he could see the darkness of space. He did it, he was controlling the Nirvana which meant... he wasn’t wearing any clothes! He covered himself quickly, if he didn’t have clothes then... wait a second. He turned to find Dita floating next to him, she wasn’t wearing anything either. By instinct, he covered his eyes which caught Dita’s attention.

“Hey, we did it! Why are you covering your eyes for?” she asked innocently. Hibiki felt dumbfounded.

“Why do you think? You’re naked!” he screamed. Dita looked down and laughed.

“So what? We had kids you dummy. You’ve seen me like this before... remember?” she said seductively. Hibiki blushed.

“Let’s get out of here, at least we know this works. Don’t tell anyone about this, this will be our secret weapon.” he said. With that, they were ejected from navigation.

Relieved and satisfied that he had his clothes on, he turned to Dita.

“This next thing is, I want to practice the super Vandread formation and from there we can fuse with the Nirvana. This I want everyone to know.” he said.

“Alright, we have a plan. Do you have a name for it? She asked slyly.

Hibiki thought for a moment and smiled greatly.

“Call it... Operation: Final Bout”

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