This chapter comes right after the last one

As Misty left the room it lay quiet. The mood had really been killed with a knife. Hibiki's heart pounded harder then ever with emotions that had been cut off. Dita as well was at a loss of words. Hibiki had to break the ice somehow and knowing someone was watching him it was a perfect start. "PAIWAY!!! I thought I told you to stop spying on us!"

"Woops I think ill be leaving now" Paiway retreated back to her room locking the door, she knew she was in trouble.

Hibiki's eyes locked with Dita's they were extremely embarrassed. "Mr. Alien can we just get some rest im tired" Dita yawned.

"Its 2:30!!! I let alone just spent two hours with Vanessa" Hibiki grunted.

"Well is that so... I guess someone isn't going to learn how to cook" Dita schemed. Hibiki gave in and sat on the corner of the bed while dita got comfortable. Eventually Dita started tugging on his sleeve motioning for him to join her.

"There's not enough room Dita I'm fine right here" Hibiki answered her plea. Dita though determined to go farther pulled Hibiki with all her might, catching him off surprised, to her. Quickly Dita wrapped her arms around him also her legs also. He wasn't going anywhere without her. "Dita what the hell do you think your doing!"

"I don't want you to go I'm going to stay by your side even if i have to force it!" Dita pleaded. Hibiki though had things to do. It took alot of strength but he managed to get up. Dita however was still hanging on him with all her might.

"Dita your not making this easy! I have things to do and you need rest" Hibiki tugged at her trying to get her off. Dita though caught him once again off guard and swiftly shifting from being in front to him to jumping on his back. She locked her arms around his neck and her legs tightly around his waist.

"Ok there you go but I still am getting sleep and staying with you" Dita motioned.

"Thing you don't get is not its just a hand lock keeping to me and well..." he started pulling her fingers apart. Dita held on with her legs when he pulled at them all he got was no air as she squeezed him. Hibiki eventually gave up and walked even if she was like a cape now. But do to Hibiki's extreme bad luck BC passed by them on the way to the cafeteria. Dita hastily took BC's cuffs, got off Hibiki, cuffed one hand, jumped back on, cuffed her other hand once her hands went below his arms and next to her neck. Once the now captured Dita grabbed hold with her legs Hibiki knew what just freaking happened. "DITA!"

BC was stunned at how precise Dita did that manoeuvre. "Hibiki guess what"


"I don't have the key to those cuff's your stuck like that and Dita...Wow good work girl" BC complimented. Dita merely giggled then returning to her state of daydream land awaiting sleep. “Hibiki she merely wants to spend more time with you now if you just had asked if she wanted to come next time you wont find yourself in this predicament again.

“I’ll be sure to remember that next time” he grunted.


Dita woke in a daze. She was still handcuffed to Hibiki as he gave his partner a buff. Dita though was covered in a blanket. She even felt that she was in a chair that seemed to be taped to Hibiki’s back. He really did care about her. “Good morning Mr. Alien” Dita yawned out.

“I see someone's finally awake... Want to hear a funny story” Hibiki was pissed.

“Umm sure?”

“There once was a man who had a girl strapped to his back. She fell asleep on his back. She also snored and slobbered on his back. She even stayed asleep for 2 FREAKING DAYS!”

“Jeez Mr. Alien that's a sad story. Were did you get the story from?” She said innocently

“How do i put it. You were on my back for 2 freaking days!”

“O umm.... sorry???”

“Can you just get off!”

“HEY!!! KEEP BEING MEAN AND I’LL GO BACK TO SLEEP!” Hibiki who did NOT want that gave in and lowered his tone.

“Ok... Dita will you please just get off me my back hurts”

“Maybe.... Depends if you answer this question. WHY AM I NAKED UNDERNEATH THIS BLANKET!!!”

“O... yea.... about that...”

“SPIT IT OUT!!! YOU DIDN'T LOOK AT ME DID YOU!!!” Dita was embarrassed and pissed at the same time.

“Hey 1. Yes I did look at you” Dita blushed “ 2. I'm not the one who stayed asleep on my back for 2 days. 3!!! when you wake up in the morning with drool all over your back you have to take a shower!”
Dita, still blushing from him mentioning him looking at her nude, squeezed his gut as hard as she could. “You jerk!!! How can you even think on perving on a lady when I'm sleeping!!!”

Hibiki gasped for air. She was going to kill him if he didn’t rephrase that. “Dita stop for one second!” Dita eased up still making it hard to breath though. Hibiki grabbed his precious air. “Look... I’ll rephrase that. I looked at your back in a mirror so that i could take off...”

“MY WHAT!!!”

“Hell I don't know what it was but that black thing one your chest” Hibiki was referring to her bra not knowing its correct name. “Those pins were so freaking hard to get off I had to use a mirror. Ok is that better.”


“Dita want to hear another funny story” Hibiki wheezed. Dita stop squeezing enough so she was just hanging on him again. “When a man named Hita had a girl named Dibiki on his back. She drooled on his back and he had to bath. When he bathed Dibiki’s cloth’s were soaked and had to be taken off. Later that day Hita found out he didn’t know how to put them on. Knowing she would get mad Hita gave Dibiki his spare loincloth that he had never used as he lost it on the first day from being here. Later though he used his own chair and strapped to his back so Dibiki could sit comfortably in her sleep. Hita put a fairly large blanket on Dibiki so that she wouldn't be nude in the halls. While heaving both her and the chair Dibiki’s legs would after drag on the floor and eventually the blanket would get loose. Hita didn’t want that so he had to get Dibiki to tighten her grip with her legs on Hita’s waist again. Being asleep this was not possible. He used BC’s spare cuffs and viola!” Dita got the fact that he had just switched names this time and blushed at the though of him caring for her that much.

“So does anyone here know I'm naked and tied to your back?”

“Everyone knows your tied to my back as I had them sweep the nirvana for the keys to the cuffs to no avail. but no one in the universe knows your nude right now.” Hibiki said calmly not wanting another squeeze session again.

“O Mr. Alien... Thank you. And umm. Did you ever ask BC for the keys?”


“Yea ummm there in her pocket i told her not to give them to you till we straightened things out.”

“Straightened what out?

“Well in the med lab I had nothing better to do then talk with anyone who came in. Misty though told me the secret to making babies.” Hibiki blushed at the thought of that. “And well... I would prefer not to have a baby with another women. I...ugh...I want to bear your child” Dita spat it out. Hibiki’s face was blood red. It was a good thing he couldn't see his face. “Mr. Alien will you promise you will be my side forever and bear my child when I'm 25?”

“But Dita... Your only 16!!! You shouldn’t be thinking that far ahead!”

“Just plllleeeaaaassseee!!!! Mr. Alien just please promise me you will.”

“Yea yea”

“Mr. Alien please! Please promise and mean it” Dita was tearing.
“Dita... From the first day I saw you I thought you were a nuisance. Even later I thought you were a nuisance. So now your asking me to be with you forever eh?” Dita was pouring tears *He hates me!!! I can’t believe I'm strapped to his back naked and he hates me!* Dita thought. “Yea Dita i would be honoured. As long as you promise back. Dita’s eyes stoped tearing and a huge smile came to her. If he could see her he would’ve known but her being behind her he couldn’t. “Well?”


“Well if that's settled can we get you off me.”

She smiled again “OK!” gladly agreed as Hibiki headed for the door. Hibiki though on the way through the men's corner started laughing hysterically.

"O my god that's too good!" He giggled.

"Something funny Mr. Alien?" Dita was puzzled.

"Yea its the funniest thing in the world" still laughing

"Well.... Spit it out!" Dita was annoyed and confused at the same time.

"How bout i just show you instead" Hibiki just could not stop laughing. Dita had no choice seeing as she was strapped to him. Hibiki walked right into his room. Laughed so freaking hard he just was about to explode.

"What are you doing?" Dita was getting nervous as he headed for the shower.

"Well here we are" Hibiki was unable to control himself. He took off the tape that held the chair to him. Kicked away the chair to almost fall over as Dita's weight was all on his back again. Removed all his articles of clothing except his own loincloth.

"Mr. Alien I don't like this, Please stop" Dita was still confused but knew what was going on. When Hibiki tossed away Dita's blanket that hid her body she squeezed his gut as hard as she possible could. Hibiki was laughing to hard for words even if he was almost not able to breath. When He opened the door that led into the shower room Dita's eye's glistened. "Wow!!! All this for me?" She questioned. The room had been redecorated (poorly) by Hibiki. He had taken random pictures of Dita from the surveillance tapes of the ship and made fairly large posters of the good ones and small for the bad. Hibiki even had a plasma TV installed and was hanging from the ceiling in the corner. What was on the screen was a movie Hibiki made of him giving Dita a shower. And yes it did show him trying to put her cloth's on and him grunting saying how the hell do you put this on anyways. Dita hanged on Hibiki and watched with a blush, as every once in awhile it would a breast or her genitals. She did see though how he tended to her hair as if it was the most important thing on her body. He washed it and even found a comb and brushed it so that it would return to the old beauty she was.

"Well what do you think?"

"I Love It!" Dita's eyes still gleamed. Hibiki started laughing again as he headed in the shower. With one turn of a knob all 6 showers that were in that room turned on at once hitting every last spot in the room. "Hibiki?"


"When did you get so many showers this isn't a big room."

"I had Parfet install them" Hibiki answered. He then went back to the task of walking into the room itself even with her on his aching back. "Water off" Hibiki said to the wall, and just like that the water went off. He went to the middle of the room "Camera!" and just like that 4 camera's appeared each in a different corner of the room. "Hey Dita!"


"This is what you get for sleeping on me for 2 freaking days! Water On Set Cold!" just like that the nozzles sprayed down extremely cold water.

"Mr. Alien!!! It's so cold!" Dita was shocked and surprised at the same time. Hibiki ignored her and tossed up a bottle of shampoo in the air. Dita clumsily caught it.

"Live with it like i did!" Hibiki laughed it was a good joke forcing Dita to take a cold shower. "Ok fine I'm nice so...Set Warm" the water heated up.

"Thank you Mr alien" Dita smiled Putting shampoo in her hair. "Mr. Alien where's the conditioner?"


"Ughh fine then where's the body soap"

"Ummm... What's that?"
"How do you expect me to take a shower without conditioner and body soap!"

"Hell I don't even know what they are so back off!" Dita who obviously was going no were gave in and rinsed her hair off.

"Were going to my shower next you know!!! I apparently need to teach you how to get clean."

"O is that so.... set cold"

"Ok!!! Ok!!! maybe tomorrow then."

"set warm... Hey Dita let me do that." Hibiki took the comb that Dita was trying to reach to no avail. "You want this?"
"Yes please"

"Too bad" Hibiki smirked as he threw it in the other room.



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