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Roncie is standing directly infront of Super Chaos. they are in an ally at night.*

Roncie: i'm sorry.... but you cannot destroy any more.

Super Chaos: #brave words......# *turns green*

Roncie: what is this? *on gaurd*

Super Chaos: #your end.....# *a beam comes out of Super Chaos, aimed at Roncie. Roncie dodges it and the beam hits a garbage dumpster. the dumpster turns into jello.*

Roncie: shit...... you must be stoped now!!! *reviels the black chaos emerald.*

Super Chaos: #one of the 7 chaos emeralds!?#

Roncie: no.... the 8th Chaos Emerald. this emerald has mor epower then the rest. *holds the emerald infront of him* you are an unstopable force because you are in the form of liquid. so you can regenerate when damaged. *the emerald begins to glow*

Super Chaos: #yes.... i must admit it is fun being unstopable.... so what will u do about it?#

Roncie: the one thing that can stop you. *suddenly, the emerald absorbs Roncie. soon after it shoots a beam at Super Chaos. Super Chaos starts growing hair from his head. he then starts growing skin over his arms. soon Super Chaos is completely human.*

Super Chaos: #what the hell?#

Roncie's voice: ok... you are human. *the emerald dissappears* and you will always be human. you can never die of age... but are very vulnerable to being killed. you will always be like this until you get the 8th emerald back.