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ok, here you can read up some useful infro on bosses. if you need any help with the levels, just email me in the Q&A page. i will upload the Q&A page every week. if your question is not answered on the Q&A page that week, it will be on the next week, or i can't help you.

Bolder Machine: Robonik found a bolder from the green hill zone, now he plan to use it against Sonic.beat him, all you need to do is hit him then go under the platforms t dodge his attack, you you are skiledenouh just kep attackig him while dodging his attack.
Fire Ball Machine: Robonik uses this machine t shoot... fireballs. beat him, obvious..... dodge the fire balls and attack him.
Fea Machine: robotnik doesn't get his machine equipted fast enough for sonic so he decides to try droning sonic. beat him, very complicate for beginners, you must reach he top of te labrinth... grab an air buble every chance you get and dodge the traps. when you ge to the top, hit him and go to the release machine anlet the anmals go. when i first played this it ok me abut 30 minutes to get the hang of... the only problem... the next stage.
Spear Machine: robonik getsa spear an lures soic onto a breakable platform. beat him, make sure you attac himevery single time he comes down. he will ue the spearto destroy portions of the platform ad will leave you until you can't move(if even stand). h will also try fooing you by dropping in an open space(smart isn't he) giving you a chance to attack. this is anoter one i had to takea long time to beat.
Star Light Zone: i haven't played this in such a lg time so i frgot what this boss did.
Crush Machine: robonik finally leaves his egg flyer nd gets inside of a transport tube. usin it to squash sonic. beat him, to do this you must ime your shots right, watch closely where the machine moves and get out of it's way. if youd't want to take chances then just stay off to the side. after he drops he will use lightning balls t try hitting you. if you time your moves riht you can easil jump trough without getting hit. repeat hitting him until he loses the fight. now race off to hit his egg flyer(not requiered, just fun). and now you beat all the bosses... and the game.