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*Sonic is walking. Suddenly Eggman flies up in his hovering machine.*

Eggman: Sonic! I finally found you!

Sonic: Eggman! what do you want?

Eggman: I'll tell you later Sonic. *Metal Sonic fall out of the sky, seemingly from the clouds. after him several Army-Bots fall from the sky aswell.* Get Him! *blackout*
Sonic: eh....what..... is going on? *wakse up to see himself inside of a forcefield. looking around he sees that the place he is in lookls like a base. he sees Eggman standing outside the forcefield.* What is this? Where is this?

Eggman: this is where you will stay until I'm done with my new weapon. To answer your last question, you are in the Death Egg.

Sonic: the space station!?

Eggman: so you remember it. After you ruined my plan way back then, I finally found the remains in the ocean. I altered the core to use animals this time. So it can fly much better.

Sonic: what weapon?

Eggman: All you need to know is I will be collecting the chaos emeralds. They will be running my weapon. Nice talking to you. Good night. you will be waking up after i collect the emeralds. *snaps his fingers. a bolt of electriccity hits Sonic and he passes out* what a waist of time *walks away* *blackout*

Tails' voice: wake up! wake up Sonic!

Sonic: eerr.... Tails? *wakse up to see the forcefield is gone and Tails is standing right beside him.*

Tails: i shut the field down. For some reason they kidnapped you an braught you here. I'm sure you know this is the Death Egg right?

Sonic: yeah. Eggman already gave me his speech of it.

Tails: ok.... we need to get out of here. We need to find Knuckls, & Chaos.

Sonic: Chaos!? ok, explain it later. you get off. I am going to land this ship.

Tails: ok. I will be at the workshop waiting. Eggman has made alot of new robots. They are alot tougher then before.

Sonic: ok. I will see you at the workshop. take care of yourself getting off this ship.

Tails: ok. see ya. *runs off*

Sonic: I gotta find the emeralds. Eggman must have some by now.

*Sonic runs out of the room & sees an Army-Bot standing at the door. the Army-Bot shoots at him but he dodges and does a homing attack on it. Sonic runs to a hall on his left. he sees several other Arm-Bots aiming at him. Sonic quickly does a spin dash, passing all the Army-Bots, destroying them. Sonic keeps running and comes to a split hallway. a simply hall to his left and a big door ont he right. Sonic runs at the big door. the door opens and Sonic walks in.*

Sonic: Whao! *looks around to see a machine with a chaos emerald in it.* an emerald....... *opens a panel on the machine and takes the chaos emerald out.* ok. now i have an emerald.


Sonic: my luck. Eggman still has 2 emeralds. I gotta get them.

Knuckles' voice: Hey Sonic!

Sonic: *alerted* what? *turns to see Knuckles* oh. hey Knucks.

Knuckles: what are you doing here?

Sonic: i was captured by Eggman. he braught me here.

Knuckles: you... were captured... by Eggman? *starts to laugh*

Sonic: let me finish. Tails got me out &I am trying to get the chaos emeralds so Eggman can't do whatever he is planning.

Knuckles: good idea. I am doing the same thing. I am also trying to find out what the sorce of power is for this ship... how is it flying?

Sonic: oh. Eggman is using animals. he put them in the core, that is how it is flying.

Knuckles: well Eggman thought up everything this time hasn't he?

Sonic: yeah. Hey how 'bout you got for the animals, and i get the emeralds.

Knuckles: sure. can you handle that?

inercom: Dr. Robotnik is need in Weapons Room.

Sonic: well, that is my cue. i need to find out what Eggman is hiding. if this place is anything like the last time i was here, i know hwee the weapons room is anyway. see ya Knuckles *runs off* now to get to the weapons room *Sonic walks into a hall and sees a door labled "Weapons Room"* this should be it. *Sonic walks into the room. he sees a giant robot head sitting on the floor, over 15 times his own size.* WHOA! what is Eggman thinking? this is huge! this must be his secret weapon *unknown to Soonic, Metal Sonic walks up behind him.* I gotta stop Eggman from using this *turns and sees Metal Sonic* what? you again!

*Sonic jumps back. Metal Sonic shoots spikes out through his fingers at Sonic. Sonic dodges them. Sonic then does a homing attack on Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic falls and hits the ground hard. Metal Sonic gets up. Metal Sonic suddanly speed dashes and hits Sonic back a few feet. Sonic gets up and spin dashes at Metal Sonic, damaging him severely. Metal Sonic gets up and speed dashes away. Sonic gets ready to chase after but Metal Sonic is already gone.*

Sonic: GET BACK HERE! forget you then.. i got emeralds to collect anyway. now I need to check this place out. *Sonic begins walking through the weapons room. he sees a giant gun to his right, even biger then the robot head.* Eggman is going overboard with this.

Inercom: 5th emerald located

Sonic: Dang! i need to get in gear before he gets all the emeralds. there should be a way out of this room somewhere. *sees a door* there... there's one. *Sonic goes through the door. the next room has 2 little machines, each with a chaos emerald in them. Sonic walks up and gets both emeralds.* ok.... that makes 3 for me. and 1 for Eggman.

Inercom: next destination, Angel Island. Sonic: ANGEL ISLAND? Knuckles better have heard that. oh well. If he did there's not much he can do. I need to find Eggman's last emerald anyway. *Sonic walks out into the hall. there are alot of Army-bots targeting him. Sonic does a homing attack on all of them*

Inercom: All Stop.

Sonic: what? *hears a wierd sound, then nearly trips over.* they stopped the ship. Are we already at Angel Island? this can't be.

Eggman on Inercom: ALL SYSTEMS FIRE!

Sonic: NO! *Sonic hears alot of laser shots, then a loud explosion.* Angel Island.... is gone. What about the Master Emerald? this can't be happening. I need to check. I am leaving this ship now.... i still have 3 emeralds. *Sonic charges a spin dash and goes through 17 walls and eventually stops behind Knuckles* hey Knuckles.

Knuckles: huh? *turns to see Sonic* oh hey Sonic.

Sonic: is it true? is Angel Island gone?

Knuckles: yeah. but i got the master emerald. *shows Sonic the master emerald*

Sonic: good job.

Knuckles: yeah. but I came back to tell you that i destroyed the core. the ship is losing altitude slowly, and is about to fall out of the sky completely.
Sonic: oh... whoa.... *the ship suddanly starts falling fast* good timing too. we need to get out of here

Knuckles: there is an exit door over there *points to an exit door* you get out of here. meanwhile, I'll take care of him.

Sonic: who? *turns to see Mecha Sonic* oh him. can you take him?

Knuckles: yeah sure.... he won't be hard. just get out of here.

Sonic: ok. good luck. *Sonic runs up and jumps out through the door and falls for a while. he eventually falls into the ocean. Sonic looks up to see a small spec coming from the Death Egg and floating away from it.* that must be Knucks. now this will be rough. *the Death Egg crashes into the ocean near Sonic.* *blackout* *Sonic wakes up on a scrap of metal ripped fromt the Death Egg during the crash.* man.... that hurt. I still need to get back to the Death Egg. Eggman will surely find a way to get it flying again. *Sonic paddles to the Death Egg. Sonic gets to the Death Egg and climbs in through a hole in the wall. he sees Chaos 2 fighting a seemingly improved Army-Bot.* hey. it's Chaos. what is he doing here? *Chaos walks away, through a door.* hey. wait up! *Sonic runs up and the Army-Bot steps in the way.* move out of my way!

*Sonic sees some writing ont he Army-bot. it says "X-3". the Army-Bot X-3 transforms it's right hand into a spinning blade. it then shoots missles out of it's other hand. Sonic dodges the missles and does a homing attack on the Army-Bot X-3's right spinning blade arm. knocking out of the socket and throwing it off.*

Sonic: GET OUT OF HERE!!! *the Army-Bot X-3 dashes away.* forget Chaos for now. I need to get Eggman.

Eggman on Inercom: All seven Emeralds have been collected. but five of them are missing. if any intruders are found, capture them! if the emeralds are found, bring them to me in the weapons room.

Sonic: speak of the devil. Eggman is in the weapons room now. thanks for the info. now. Eggman only has 2 emeralds. i have 3. Chaos has 2. ok.... so i doubt Chaos would give up the emeralds for anything. i know i will get to Eggman personally. *Sonic runs through a few hallways, filled with busted Army-Bots. Sonic finally gets to the weapons room. Sonic walks in. Sonic looks and sees Eggman on the other side. Eggman sees Sonic and runs through a closeby door. Sonic runs up and relises it is a door he hasn't gone through. Sonic goes through the door to find himself in a small room with nothing but a circle in the middle. Sonic steps on the circle and vanishes.*

*Sonic appears to find himself in the core room. he looks and sees the very damaged core. Sonic sees Eggman running through a door from the corner of his eye. Sonic runs after him. Sonic finds a narrow catwalk leading to a ladder. he runs across the catwalk and starts climbing the ladder. Sonic looks up to see Eggman far above him, and there is a light up where Eggman is at. Sonic begins climbing faster to catch up. Eggman gets off the ladder and vanishes from Sonic's sight. Sonic gets to the top of the ladder and sees that he is ontop of th Death Egg.*

Eggman's voice: you win this round....

Sonic: what? you aren't giving up that easily.... what's your game!?

Eggman: this!!!! *suddenly Eggman shows up in a giant spider shaped robot.* this... is the Egg Spider... this was made to resist anything you could possibly do to it!!!

*a lasor gun comes out of the front of the robot and begins shooting. Sonic dodges and goes to do a homing attack, but has no effect. Sonic backs away. suddenly the robot starts walking towards him. Sonic runs off to the side a little. the lasor gun then goes to shoot him again. Sonic dodges the shot. the robot begins to take aim but suddenly loses it's balance. Sonic looks to see Knuckles punching at the back left leg of the robot.*

Sonic: Knuckles!! i thought you left!!!

Knuckles: don't sound so thrilled, Tails is coming too. and if i'm not mistaken, so is Chaos... they should be here really soon....

Sonic: good.....

Eggman(mumbling:) yes..... very good indeed

*the lasor gun points straight down to the ship and starts firing, Sonic sees it blazing a hole into the ship.*

Sonic: what is he doing???

*Sonic runs up and tries another homing attack, but still doesn't damage Eggman. Sonic constantly attacks the machine, and eventually he breaks part of the frame. the whole thing collapses and Eggman falls down into the hole. Sonic jumps in after him. He finds himself in the weapons room where he now sees a gigantic machine standing in front of him. Sonic notices some loose wires while the machine begins to stomp at him. Sonic runs for the wires as the machine contantly stomps and shoots lasors at him.*

Eggman's voice: do you think you can escape me Sonic? *Sonic gets to the loosened wire as Eggman's machine stomps down. Sonic tears some of the protective cover off the wire and runs to leave the machine to step on it. electricity surges the whole machine with the sound of Eggmen yelling in pain. Sonic jumps up through the hole he came down in to reach the top of the ship again. Everyone looks at him.*

Knuckles: where is Eggman? *Sonic sees Chaos with two emeralds out the corner of his eye.*

Sonic: he couldn't have survived what just happened---------

*wires flew out just as Sonic was fiunishing the sentence..... they went directly up to where Tails was coming down with chaos emeralds in hand. more and more wires flew out everywhere and took all took all of the emeralds that were being held by anybody. They were all brought down back into the hole that Eggman shot into the ship. Sonic jumps in to see what was happening. He found himself standing on a catwalk directly infront of the machine that was just fried. he found Eggman sitting inside of the "head" of the machine. It wasn't Eggman, yet at the same time it was. the electricity sent through the machine took Eggman's body. Eggman was covered with burns, wires and metal had been melted and fused into his body.*