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Sonic the Hedgehog
this is the Sonic Section of the ste!!! here i will tell you all of the abilities Sonic has had within the past and some helpful tips on how to use Sonic. keep in touch because i will soon have a bio of his old yet very popular level, Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 2!!!

shield attack (jump while jumping) [Sonic the hedgoehog 3 & Knuckles]
spin dash (hold action button) [Sonic Adventure {DX}, Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}]
homing attack (jump while jumping) [Sonic Adventure {DX}, Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}]
light speed dash (hold action button to charge up, release near rings) [Sonic Adventure {DX}]
light dash (action button when near rings) [Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}]
light speed attack / ancient light attack (hold action button to charge up. release when near enemies) [Sonic Adventure {DX}, Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}]
rolling attack / fire roll (tap action button) [Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}] bounce attack (action button while jumping) [Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}]
magic hands (action button while near enemies) [Sonic Adventure 2 {Battle}]