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Sonic Heros Boss Help
All Teams handle the bosses mostly the same way

Boss 1: Egg Falcon
chase the falcon through the long walkway with speed format. when it lands on the sand, switch to power format and attack the head. all teams should be able to handle this easily.
Boss 2: team meeting
the best way to win is to use power format with Dark and Hero teams. with this just constantly punch the opponents. Chaotix and Rose can also use power format, but also would do just as good in flying format. use the basic format attacks(throwing partners)
Boss 3: multi enemies
simply fight off all of the enemies, this is a very easy fight with all teams.
Boss 4: Egg Blimp
this is just the same thing as the Egg Falcon just with a blimp attached. do your best to attack the head whenever possible. this boss mainly requires speed format so the homing attack would be the main attack for this. what i did was take out the wings then go for the head.
Boss 5: rival meeting
use the same stratagy as the "Boss 2: Team Meeting" fight.
Boss 6: more multi enemies
this fight is harder then the last one with multiple enemies. in this fight you might struggle(mainly with team dark) to actually win. in this fight remember that you have the team blast option, use it!
Boss 7: Egg Jugrenaut
use power format against this boss. attack the sheild, and when possible the body of this boss. the main pain in the ass detail is with team dark. here you will have 4 cannons on every square platform(where the real fight takes place) along with 2 E-2000 series robots and the Eggman himself. i strong suggest you try your best to avoid most of the enemies you encounter, destroy the cannons on the corners of the square platforms, and attack Eggman with power format. when he runs away switch to speed format and do your best to keep up while dodgeing his sword blasts. if you manage to get ahead of him switch to power format and get into battle stance(with the 2 others on your fists etc.) so if he charges at you the characters will pop out instead of you taking damage. repeat this.
Boss 8: Metal Madness
Team Rose: switch to power format and keep shooting your partners into the blue glowing spot.
Team Chaotix: in this fight if you were fast enough on the first fight you will just now be realizing what his attacks are. power and flying format will be used in this fight. attack with speed when the color is yellow. but what you really do is get inside of the cannon with power and fire at it. when the color goes red simply go to flying format and attack with lightining attacks. OR if you want to be using the speed format, use the invisibility to freely use the homing attack. but when Metal Sonic starts to attack, stop and run to a part of the platform where he isn't aiming.
Team Dark: collect all the upgrades for each character for this part of the fight. basically follow the color code below:
Blue: Power & Flying
Yellow: Power and Speed
Red: Flying & Speed
attack acording to the colors of the glowing circle.
Final Boss: Metal Overlord
this fight is mainly to show off the team blast attack because that is your only weapon. to get the teamblast up fast, use speed format to do the dash attacks, against him rapidly, when he goes to do his ice blocks (not the ice needles!!!) use the dash attack to drill through them. when he goes below the clouds, switch to power format and rapidly punch until you start the rapid fire, keep using the rapid fire unti the throws a ship at you and you break it. then go back to speed format. you need to his the Team Blast five times for the win.