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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Knuckles)
ok.... now we have Knuckles' version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. the thing that suckes is he has the hardest ones to face...... looks like Sonic Team really didn't like him when they made this.

Flame Thrower Drone: dodge it's flame thrower and hit it. it will now shoot missles. dodging them is extreamly easy. after that it will fly up and around you... hit is again. it will repeat doing this so it should be easy to beat.
Flame Thrower Machine: ok... all you need to do here is dodge the flames. he will shoot 4 flames at you depending on the position he is in. if he is low to the ground he will shoot them and make them shoot across the ground. if he is up high he will shoot them straight down. hit him when you can here. and if you don't have a fire shield make sure to dodge the flames.
Whirlpool Drone: jump over it because it will come down in the water and try to ram you. hit it when his missles aren't in the way. hit it as many times possible. it will start a whirlpool and you will get caught in it. he will then repeat.
Whirlpool Machine: now here you gotta watch out. he will go down and start a whirlpool and try to pull you in. after he stops the whirlpool will still be going. jump ontop of thie whirlpool and hit him. hit him as many times as you can here. keep in mind that you are using Knucks. this time the machine doesn't need to be near the water when he makes the whirlpool. after the whirlpool he will start droping bombs. if you get your timing right you can jump on the explosions of the bombs and use them to hit Eggman. repeat this. when fighting this boss you can also change the tune. stay under the water until the warning mucis starts. then jump out. now you will hear the drone music from Sonic & Knuckles!!!
Spinning Top Drone: first off make sure the spinning top doesn't hit you. now hit the drone. it should extend an ectric thing. anyway after this happenswait for the top to hit it. repeat as fast as you can before the top destroys the platform you're standing on.
Snowball Drone: go to the right side of the screen. wait for the drone to fly there and let go of the snowballs. hit him as many times as you can before he goes up. dodge the snowballs. now go to the left side of the screen and repeat.
Freeze Machine: i hate this boss so much. you gotta jump on his platform and hit him. sounds easy. but the platform is shooting at you. when it hits you you wil be frozen and lose your rings. after you hi him 6 times the platform will explode. now you just simply hit Eggman 2 more times and defeat him.[ALERT: when playing with Knuckles the platform will be rising and falling. so jumping on it will be harder.]
Mace Drone: ok... now dodge the maces. when they stop swinging hit the drone(s). simple as that.
Piledriver Machine: this boss was quite irritating to beat at first. he will come down and run by you trying to grab you. you gotta hit him here. if he grabs you he will piledrive you into the platform. anyway, he will then hovor above the battlefield. soon after he will drop below it. now you gotta jump over him and avoid the spikes on the top of the machine. he will then repeat. repeat the 1st part to beat him.
Lumberjack Drone: it chops down trees, very powerful. hit it when he gets low enough, or if you have a fire shield, get beneith it and hit it through the flames. repeat until it is beaten.
Eggman on the run?: ok... Eggman is a satilite now. hit the satilite. Eggman will rise up and run away. chase after him and hit him. make sure to dodge all the spike balls along the way. after hitting him 8 times he will crash into a tree. you beat him.
Capsul Drone: hey look. the end of the level. run up and press the switch to let out the animals. if only it were that easy. pushing the switch opens the boss. simply dodge the bosses attacks. make sure you stay ontop of it. when you see it ready to attack spin dash off of it so it hits itself. repeat until it is beat.
Super Beam Machine: ok.... we are reliving Sonic 2. the difference is... the beam is more powerful, there are no platforms, and this boss beats itself up. when the beam is ready to fire get out of the way. eventually after dodgeing for a while it will blow up. no you gotta run as fast as you can becase the Flying Batery is changing shape and you are caught in the middle. after you get to the end........
Monkey Bar Machine: ok.... now Eggman is using the platform as monkey bars. he will move around, your job is to jump over him and avoid being hit by the flames he shoots. he will start jumping around, this is when you hit him. sense you are using Knuckles he won't make it as easy. as he jumps up and down he will continue to shoot flames so watch out while hitting him. repeat until he is beaten.
the Drone made of Stone: ok... 2 ways of beating this boss. 1st way, get to the right side of it. then when it's head appears, hit it. repeat this until it falls into the quicksand. the 2nd way is simply get into the quicksand and keep jumping straight up. this way the drone will jump right in. how easy.
Giant Hand Drone: 1st, 2 spheres will appear out of the ground and begin shooting. when this happens you must hit the 2 spheres until they explode. don't worry, it will take a couple of tries to destroy them both so when they go into the ground there is nothing to worry about. after they go into the ground(or are both destroyed) a giant hand will pop out. the hand will move around trying to target you. simply dodge it. once it slams down jump and hit the top of it. just repeat these 2 processes to win.
Grapple Machine:here is something stupid. you can't beat this boss. just wait for him to grab you.
Mecha Sonic:this is funny. he spin dashes up, you glide away, he hits Metal Eggman, Metal Eggman dies. now to fight Mecha Sonic. in this fight you gotta watch for a veriety of attacks. one of them is a jump, then a speed dash across the top of the screen. another is a bounce attack. then the last is he will jump then spin dash across the ground. make sure to dodge all of these. then hit him when he lands. make sure to keep away if he lands backwards, because then he will speed dash trying to hit you with his spikes. repeat to beat him.
Super Mecha Sonic: ok..... now Mecha Sonic is using the old go Super trick. problem is, you gotta fight him. just like Sonic this boss is invulnerable when Super. so basically, your in trouble to start off. 1st he will turn super, then fly across the top of the screen. when he stops he will do 1 of 2 things. 1 is fire three blasts at you, here you must dodge all three blasts, run up and hit him after he runs out of power. 2 is a speed dash, here you must jump over him because the speed dash is very suddon and can't be predicted easily. every time he shoots three blasts at you he will run out of powere. simply run up, hit him. after that he spin dashes back to the emerald, if you are quick enough you can hit him again. just repeat. soon after he will slow down. instead of flying across the top he will just hover. he will then shoot out rings, dodge the rings and get under him because here is when he will lose power. he will go back up and super again. he will shoot 2 more arrays of rings out. then drops again, hit him here and you should win. the game is now over, you beat the game with Knuckles.