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Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Sonic)
Flame Thrower Drone: dodge it's flame thrower and hit it. after that it will fly up and around you... hit is again. it will repeat doing this so it should be easy to beat.
Flame Thrower Machine: ok... all you need to do here is dodge the flames. he will shoot 2 flames at you depending on the position he is in. if he is low to the ground he will shoot them and make them shoot across the ground. if he is up high he will shoot them straight down. hit him when you can here. and if you don't have a fire shield make sure to dodge the flames.
Whirlpool Drone: jump over it because it will come down in the water and try to ram you. hit it when his missles aren't in the way. hit it as many times possible. it will start a whirlpool and you will get caught in it. he will then repeat.
Whirlpool Machine: now here you gotta watch out. he will go down and start a whirlpool and try to pull you in. after he stops the whirlpool will still be going. jump ontop of thie whirlpool and hit him. hit him as many times as you can here. after the whirlpool he will start droping bombs. if you get your timing right you can jump on the explosions of the bombs and use them to hit Eggman. repeat this. when fighting this boss you can also change the tune. stay under the water until the warning mucis starts. then jump out. now you will hear the drone music from Sonic & Knuckles!!!
Drill Drone: hit it. it will go up into the ceiling. when spikes drop down make sure to dodges them(if you don't have a sheild). when it drops down hit him, and make sure he doesn't drop onto of you. repeat until you beat it.
Drill Machine: if you survived your 1st 2 encounters with this boss then good for you. they used to kill me every time. now you have Tails helping you. control Tails by using the up, down, left, & right controls on the D-Pad. if using second player you will need to use the jump buttons. control Tails and hit the machine. this can be done 2 ways. use his hoving tails as a weapon to hit the machine, or hoer obove the machine and use Sonic to jump off and hit Eggman. Eggman will often change form in this fight. he will go straight, up, or down. the best time to strike is when he goes straight. repeat until the boss is beat.
Spinning Top Drone: first off make sure the spinning top doesn't hit you. now hit the drone. it should extend an ectric thing. anyway after this happenswait for the top to hit it. repeat as fast as you can before the top destroys the platform you're standing on.
Magnetic Sphere Machine: ok.... Eggman will drop a sphere. when he does run away from it. Eggman will use magnetic power to try to shock the hell out of you. after he stops the magnet runs up and hit him. Carnival Night Zone act 2 is the longest level in the game, so you might not have much time to fight the boss. try to get the closest checkpoint. now Eggman will just repeat the same stratagy. drop sphere, use magnet, pick up sphere, repeat. so when he goes to pick up the sphere hit him. if you are lucky you will be abl to hit him while he is floating around. but the best way is to wait for him to pick up his sphere.
Snowball Drone: go to the right side of the screen. wait for the drone to fly there and let go of the snowballs. hit him as many times as you can before he goes up. dodge the snowballs. now go to the left side of the screen and repeat.
Freeze Machine: i hate this boss so much. you gotta jump on his platform and hit him. sounds easy. but the platform is shooting at you. when it hits you you wil be frozen and lose your rings. after you hi him 6 times the platform will explode. now you just simply hit Eggman 2 more times and defeat him.
Mace Drone: ok... now dodge the maces. when they stop swinging hit the drone(s). simple as that.
Cannon Ball Machine: a platform will come out of the wall. a cannon ball will shoot from above it or below it. what you gotta do is jump on the platform and hit Eggman. repeat until you win. now go ahead and hop into one of Eggman's machines and watch as the rocket behind you blasts off. you will also imbarass Knuckles along the way.
Rocket Machine: a rocket will rise up. the rocket hand 6 laser cannons. 3 on both sides. it also has a spike ball floating around it. try your best to hit it. the more you hit it the smaller and easier it gets. when it comes up hit it... repeat until this boss is done.
(when Sonic 3 is connected to Sonic & Knuckles, this next boss will not be faught by Sonic. when the games are not connected, this will be the final boss of Sonic 3.)
Piledriver Machine: this boss was quite irritating to beat at first. he will come down and run by you trying to grab you. you gotta hit him here. if he grabs you he will piledrive you into the platform. anyway, he will then hovor above the battlefield. soon after he will drop below it. now you gotta jump over him and avoid the spikes on the top of the machine. he will then repeat. repeat the 1st part to beat him.
Lumberjack Drone: it chops down trees, very powerful. hit it when he gets low enough, or if you have a fire shield, get beneith it and hit it through the flames. repeat until it is beaten.
Eggman on the run?: ok... Eggman is a satilite now. hit the satilite. Eggman will rise up and run away. chase after him and hit him. make sure to dodge all the spike balls along the way. after hitting him 8 times he will crash into a tree. you beat him.
Capsul Drone: hey look. the end of the level. run up and press the switch to let out the animals. if only it were that easy. pushing the switch opens the boss. simply dodge the bosses attacks. make sure you stay ontop of it. when you see it ready to attack spin dash off of it so it hits itself. repeat until it is beat.
Super Beam Machine: ok.... we are reliving Sonic 2. the difference is... the beam is more powerful, there are no platforms, and this boss beats itself up. when the beam is ready to fire get out of the way. eventually after dodgeing for a while it will blow up. no you gotta run as fast as you can becase the Flying Batery is changing shape and you are caught in the middle. after you get to the end........
Monkey Bar Machine: ok.... now Eggman is using the platform as monkey bars. he will move around, your job is to jump over him and avoid being hit by the flames he shoots. he will start jumping around, this is when you hit him. repeat until he is beaten.
the Drone made of Stone: ok... 2 ways of beating this boss. 1st way, get to the right side of it. then when it's head appears, hit it. repeat this until it falls into the quicksand. the 2nd way is simply get into the quicksand and keep jumping straight up. this way the drone will jump right in. how easy.
Giant Soldier Machine: to beat this boss you must jump on it's left arm(the one most visible). from there jump and hit the soldier. the stone part will fly off. when this happens hit Eggman. repeat until you win. watch out, the longer you take the worse. the soldier will shoot a beam if you take too long.
Giant Hand Drone: 1st, 2 spheres will appear out of the ground and begin shooting. when this happens you must hit the 2 spheres until they explode. don't worry, it will take a couple of tries to destroy them both so when they go into the ground there is nothing to worry about. after they go into the ground(or are both destroyed) a giant hand will pop out. the hand will move around trying to target you. simply dodge it. once it slams down jump and hit the top of it. just repeat these 2 processes to win.
Lava Bomb Machine: wow.... this boss has his own level. first you will drop down after Knuckles slam a bolder ontop of you. after you drop down you will see the Death Egg in the background. it will flash the whole screen and 2 of the platforms will be destroyed. make sure you stay up because there is lava in the beginning. then the boss will appear in the background and shoot an array of missles. now start running to the right. you will see targets to where the missles will hit so keep moving as fast as you can. after the missles are done, the screen will keep moving. jump off onto a platform and makes sure the screen doesn't get ahead of you. then jump to the platform to the right. there will be a 3rd platform, jump to it. after you do this the screen will stay with you. jump off the platform to the left and get th lightning shield. collect rings. then, keep going back left to get a fire shield(very helpful against this boss). now jump down tot he bottum of the level. you will land in lava but with the fire shield hat won't be a problem. if you don't have the fire shield then jump on one of the moving platform and it will take you down. the boss will now come out of the lava. the lava will go sideways and Eggman will be shooting bombs. what you do here is keep jumping on the plaforms to get away from him and let the bombs do the work for you. after you hit him enough times you win. now destroy the capsul so you can go on to the next fighter......
Knuckles: a very simple boss. simply jump ontop of him. repeat doing this and you will beat Knuckles easily.keep a close eye out though. if you get to close to him he will punch you. after hitting him he will start gliding, make sure not to get infront of him when this happens. after you beat him he joins your side and leads you to the next level(after being beaten by Eggman). once in this level you will be taken to some classic bosses
Bolder Machine: wow..... we all remember this from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. this time Mecha Sonic is driving. simply dodge the bolder and hit the machine. basically beat it the same way as you did in Sonic 1.
Balloon Machine: Matropolis Zone boss from Sonic 2. like the last boss, just beat him like in Sonic 2. see Sonic 2 section for the details.
Mecha Sonic: ok... the gloves are off. you face Mecha sonic 1 on 1(or 2 on 1 if you have Tails with you). Mecha Sonic uses a veriety of tricks. 1 of them is a jump, then dashes across the top of the screen. another is a double jump(jump, after hitting the ground he jumps again), and a jump into spin dash. hit him every time he lands, but watch out. when he lands backwards he will do a speed dash and try to hit you with his spikes.
Weird Eyeball Drone thingy: ok... i am sure you figured out it is a wierd boss. the 1st part of the boss you simply watch the spheres. after the drop to the ground jump up and hit the eyeball. a sphere will then explode. repeat doing this until all the spheres are gone. watch out sometimes the spheres will scatter giving you less room. after all the spheres are gone the eyeball will pop out of the wall in the background. it will have 2 platforms around it also. when you hit it the platforms will speed up and a beam will be shot out of the bottum of the way to beat this is to hit is then run to the corner of the screen, where the beam won't reach you.
Gravity Bomb Machine: this boss is run to fight. you will notice gravity tubes on both sides of the battlefield. after the machine launcher a little spike drone go into the gravity tube and make gravity go opposite, causing the spike drone to fly up. if timed right the spike drone will hit and damage the machine. repeat this until you win. another move is after you switch gravity, use the spin dash on the spike drones to send them flying and make them turn over. now after you beat this you go onto another boss.
Doomsday Machine: ok..... now you are up against something about 50 times your size. first thing you do is run up ahead until the ground stops breaking down behind you. then you turn around and go to the machine. it will walk up and use it's fingers to try to smash you. all you do here is destroy the fingers simmiler to the way we faught the giant hand in Lava Reef. after you do that start running because the ground will start breaking down again. now you are being chased by the machine. he will be shooting fire out of his nose.... funny. anyway, hit him in the nose to reviel the core(which has the master emerald in it). now hit the core. be carful and make good timing because he wil fire a massive beam at you. if you time it goo you can jump over it. repeat this until the doomsday is destroyed. now Eggman takes the master emerald and runs. here you run as fast as you can hitting Eggman. the ground will constently be breaking down so don't stop running. after you destroy the machine Eggman is running in, you will reach a dead end and the ground will stop collapsing. now the Death Egg is destroyed and you beat the game.... or did you?
Doomsday Zone: ok, if you have collected all Chaos Emeralds/Super Emeralds, you will have access to this zone. from the start you have 50 rings and transform into Super/Hyper Sonic. in this level you must dodge all the rockets and grab as many rings as you can along the way. hitting the rockets aren't criticle unless you constently hit them. after a while you will be out of the asteroid field and will find a ship. the best way to beatt his part if to go and match the speed of the ship to where you are hovering over the head. you should hear missles being shot. your goal is to get the missles to his the ship's head. the trick is only 1 missle will hit it at a time. after you see a missle hit the ship fly backwards, down, foward, then up. this way you should go completely around the ship, and the missles should follow you. repeat this until the ships explodes. now you see a miniture doomsday machine. all you need to do is keep tapping the jump button for speed and catching up with it, then hitting it. when you catch up/hit it, it will either shoot spike balls, or bombs. being hit by these are not criticle. just repeat hitting the boss until it blows up, and you win the game!!!