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Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Drill Car Machine: jump over Eggman's drill and hit him over the top. after you hit him 7 times... he will launch his dril at you... watch out.
Chemical Machine: stay on the middle plat form when Eggman gets ready to drop his chemicals. then jump. while he is loading the chemicles hit him.
Hammer Machine: watch out for arrows launching out of the 2 totem poles. when you dodge them they will impact in the opposite totem pole. jump up on them and get to the top of the totem pole to hit Eggman. be quick about it because the arrow will fall. repeat as much as necesary.
Casino Night Zone: i can't really remember the boss of this level.... sorry
Hill Top Zone: same here.... forgot the boss.... check back soon...
Mystic Cave Zone: i haven't played this game in forever...... can't remember anything
Submerine Machine: Eggman's stratagy is to hid in the oil ocean. not too smart. simply hit him when he is visible. after he gets to a certain hight he will shoot a lasor at you twice. then anaother time at the platform causing it to flame. jump when this happens and keep hitting him.
Baloon Machine: Eggman surrounds himsef with deadly baloons. the best way to do this is to jump over him and avoid being hit. then after he gos upward hit him. then instead of hitting the baloon that comes ut continusly hit him. this make the fight much faster and easier. after you hit him 7 times he will try moving around shooting lasors at you. he is an easy target when this happens. so hit him for the 8th time and move on.
Super Beam Machine: ok.... you are now trapped between 2 forcefields. Eggman is on the outside of the battlefield this time. watch the platforms closly and jump ontop of them(avoiding the spikes on bottum) and jump up and hit the cannon on the ceiling. a very common mistake here is the plaforms aften bump into each other, if this happens try avoiding touch the 2nd platform's spikes. after a few hits you will defeat the boss. after this Eggman runs away... again. instead of chasing him jump over the tunnel to the other side of the room(where the wall is) and get an extra life. now jump down the tunnel and get ready for the last level.
Robot Sonic: beating this boss can be complicated. i will try making it easy... i faced this boss enough to know it's moves. 1st his him when he drops down. then he will spin dash. make sure to dodge all his spin dashes or you will surely die. anyway, after the spin dash hit him again. he will now do 2 speed dash, try to hit him when he uses the speed dash because he is vulnerable. now he will appear to do another spin dash. but don't jump this time. he is actually trying to get you in the air, so stay down and he will jump over you. after he lands and is vulnerable hit him again. he will now do a spin dash so jump this time. after the spin dash hit him again. if he isn't dead yet he will do another spin dash. dodge and hit. this is as far as i made it without him being killed. he will now jump in the air and throw spikes at you. try to stay slightly to the left of the Eggman face. if you are positioned right the spike will miss you. hit Robot Sonic for the last time. (UPDATE: i watched my friend play this boss and found out that Robot Sonic does 2 more speed dashes just after throwing the spikes out)
Giant Eggman Machine: ok.... once again i am going to give you step by step on how to beat this. i am only giving you the safest way, but not always the best. wait for the robot to rise up. hit him before he starts walking. now let him walk. after a bit of walking he will stop and step back, hit him here. he now jumps up. move around to keep the target off of you. as soon as he lands(when leaning foward) hit him. if you do it right you can hit him twice. now either back away or rely on jumping time to dodge his throwing arms. hit him as soon as he stops throwing his arms. he goes up again. hit him when he lands again(twice). he will start walking again. when he stops walking and steps back, hit him. he jumps back up. when he lands hit him 2 more times and he should fall apart. if not i think he will throw his arms at you.... i'm not sure because i always beat him here... well... you should have beaten the game after this, congrats.