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Some Mountainous Region

*Shadow is sitting on a mountain top*

Shadow: i gotta finish what my creater started. humans... and all other life on this planet must be destroyed. and sense he is dead now... i need to finish it my way... i guess i will pay Sonic a visit. he needs to know ahead of time so Earth can see him fail to stop me.
Station Square

*Sonic is sleeping in a hotel room. the bed is sitting by a window, where the beach is seeable. suddenly, the door busts off the hinges and flies into the wall, waking up Sonic.*

Sonic: now what!? oh... it's you.... *sees Shadow. Shadow runs up and punches Sonic out the window. Sonic flies out and hits the sand of the beach. Shadow jumps out after him.*

Shadow: ok Sonic. i want you to live this time. see.... sense my creater is dead, he can't carry out his wish to destroy humanity. but i can. so i am going to start killing people off, starting with Station Square's people. *Shadow shows Sonic his emerald. before Sonic can react, Shadow shoots a CHAOS SPEAR, blasting Sonic through the wall and knocking him out cold.* and the people will look to their hero who failed to save them.

*Shadow heads into the hotel. he sees the checkout person. he shoots a CHAOS SPEAR on the ceiling above the man and the ceiling comes down, crushing the man. Shadow then walks out of the hotel. Shadow turns around and shoots numerous CHAOS SPEARs at the hotel, causing it to fall apart and explode, killing anybody who could have been living in it. Shadow sees some cars driving by. Shadow runs upto the cars. Shadow picks the cars up and throws them into the train station wall. he then sees other cars drive up. the people get out of their cars and start running. Shadow runs up to one of the abandoned cars. Shadow picks it up and throws it at the running people. the car explodes. Shadow walks into Twinkle Park. while in there he sees Amy. Amy turns around and sees Shadow*

Amy: Shadow? you're alive! is it true? the thing on TV.... did you side with Eggman?

Shadow: i am alive..... that is all i will say. unfortunatly... i can't say the same for you.

*Shadow shoots a CHAOS SPEAR at Amy. she flies back into the wall. Shadow walks up to her. Shadow picks her up by her head and holds her against the wall. from there Shadow shoots another CHAOS SPEAR, this time through Amy's head. Shadow then walks into the racing room. in there he sees alot of people in carts racing around. Shadow runs up and throws them all off the side of the track, into oblivion. Shadow then turns around and leaves Twinkle Park. Shadow then walks towards the Casinopolis area. then there he sees nobody. he looks up to see the train leaving Town Square. he jumps up and de-rails the train, causing it to fly into the Casinopolis. after crashing through the doors the entire Casinopolis building explodes. Shadow walks intot he train station and sees all the people staring at him in fear. Shadow grins. Shadow runs up and throws one of them into a wall. he then takes 2 of them and throws them onto the train tracks. he looks at everybody else and uses the CHAOS SPEAR to kill them all. he sits down. a train dirves up and crushes the 2 people on the tracks. the doors open. Shadow runs in the doors and closes the doors behind him, trapping the people in. he then tells the driver to go. the train starts moving. Shadow then jumps through the top of the train and shoots a CHAOS SPEAR at the tracks infront of the train. the train tilts overs and crashes into the road. Shadow uses the CHAOS CONTROL and goes to City Hall. there he sees the mayor. cecerity suddenly busts in and all hold up guns to Shadow. Shadow turns around and grins. the cecerity gaurds start shooting, & Shadow uses CHAOS SONTROL to dodge them. the gunshots then all hit the mayor. Shadow appears behind the gaurds and steals one of their guns. Shadow thenswiftly shoots all the gaurds. Shadow then walks up to the mayor, who is now dead. he takes out something and places it on the mayor's suit. he puches a button on it and a clock timed with 5 minutes starts counting down. Shadow uses CHAOS CONTROL to get back where Sonic was. he grabs Sonic and uses CHAOS CONTROL again to dissappear. after the clock hits 0:00, it explodes, destroying the city.*
Mystic Ruins

*Shadow & Sonic appear next to the workshop. Shadow then uses CHAOS CONTROL to dissappear. soon after, Tails runs out of the workshop and sees Sonic laying on the ground.*

Tails: Sonic! *runs upto Sonic and sees a burn mark on his sholder. Tails then shakes Sonic to wake him up.* Sonic, what happened?

Sonic: uhh... Shadow.... he.. he attacked me. he said something.. aboutcarrying out his creaters wish, starting with Town Square..

Tails: his creater's wish was to destroy humanity.... but why would he let you live?

Sonic: i don't know.... maybe because i'm not a part of humanity. he must of really beat me up... i can barely remember anything. wait. if that is the case... then Town Saquare is.... no... he destroyed it. we need to get back there.

Tails: no. the train isn't running. and my plain i pretty roughed up from the Death Egg incident last week.

Sonic: where is Knuckles?

Tails: i don't know. he left an hour ago. i think he went to Radical City.

Sonic: i got it! i can use the CHAOS CONTROL to get to Town Sqaure. where are the emeralds?

Tails: in the workshop but.....

*Sonic runs into the workshop and grabs an emerald.*

Sonic: ok. i need to see for myself what happened there.... i'll be back in a while. tell Knuckles to keep and eye out for Shadow next time you see him. CHAOS CONTROL! *Sonic dissappears. he appears in the ruins of Station Square. he looks around to see no buidings standing. he sees the train station front doors standing, but no walls. he sees Twinkle Park's building in nothing but rubble. Sonic then looks to see City Hall is completely gone. there is a slight breeze going. Sonic walks up to the ruins of Twinkle Park. he sees a hand hanging out of the rubble. Sonic walks up and moves some of the debree off of the person. he then relises that it is Amy. he gets all of the debree off and relises her head is burned all the way through, & that she is dead.* no..... he went to far this time. he will die... i garentee i will kill you Shadow. this is one thing you won't get away with. *Sonic walks away from Amy's body.*
Radical City

*Knuckles is walking towards a buidling.*

Shadow's voice: it is a pitty isn't it Knuckles. that you couldn't see Eggman's death. isn't it convient that Sonic has all the glory when the world is saved. you & Tails both play valuble roles in it most of the time, but do your names ever end up on the news, or in the newspapers? no..... why don't you just do the right thing. Eggman was human. he tried to steal your master emerald. if he did... what is stopping these humans from trying the same. you shouldn't be protecting people who don't even know your name. you should destroy them all. they care nothing about you. they care just about themselves. they show no graditude for when you risk your life for them.... so why do you? just side with me this time. help me finish off humanity.

Knuckles: no.... you are no different then them..... you want the master emerald. why should i help you? the humans try to live their lives... you just try to kill them. so you can go to hell for all i care.

Shadow's voice: fine... i will take the emerald by force. *Shadow appears infront of Knuckles. Shadow holds his hand out and shoots a CHAOS SPEAR. there is an explosion. after it clears up Knuckles is gone.*
Mystic Ruins

*Sonic & Knuckles appear infront of the workshop.*

Sonic: don't fight Shadow.... he will steal your emerald and kill you if you tried.

Knuckles: not if i beat him.

Sonic: oh.... good idea... *uses CHAOS CONTROL to get behind Knuckles* if he did this he could take your emerald and kill you in the same second.. tell me how you fight that. you don't. we will need to take him on together. he can use CHAOS CONTROL better then me... so i will need your help for this. grab a chaos emerald. if we both can use CHAOS CONTROL, we could beat him. i do hope you know how to use it.

Knuckles: no i don't. besides... what is the big threat? why do you believe he is better then you now?

Sonic: Station Square is gone. he destroyed it, completely. he let me live, but i was the only one. he even took out Amy. if he can do that... imagine what he could do to you alone.

Knuckles:he killed Amy? damn....... she could have helped. we will need all the help we can get. i hate to do this, but we need to get Rouge in on this.

Sonic: Rouge? you serious? you think she could help?

Knuckles: Sonic.... me and Rouge both know how to use the master emerald's power as a weapon. i am sure we could use the chaos emeralds the same way. if so... she would be a great help.

*Tails walks out*

Tails: well.... if you plan on recruiting her then you better find her. she isn't an easy person to track.

Knuckles: i am aware of that. but i have some bait.... this *pulls out the master emerald* i'll simply tell her where to find it. she couldn't resist an oportunity to steal a jewel like this.

Sonic: ok....... might work......

Tails: yeah maybe... if we had some way of telling her where it was.
Radical City

Shadow: if they are hiding.... i'll just draw them out.... CHAOS SPEAR! *Shadow shoots a CHAOS SPEAR at the side of a building, causing it to collaps.*
Mystic Ruins

Sonic: damn....... he is killing people.... again. we have no time to get Rouge, we need to stop him now. grab an emerald. we are leaving now.

Tails: i'll get them *runs into the workshop. he soon walks back out holding 2 emeralds. he gives one to Knuckles*

Knuckles: ok... so when do we do all this? me and Tails don't know how to use CHAOS CONTROL.

Sonic: i'll use the CHAOS CONTROL to get us there. ok... get ready. here we go... CHAOS CONTROL! *they dissappear*
Radical City

*Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles appear*

Sonic: ok Shadow..... no more. you die now. SONIC WIND! *shoots a SONIC WIND attack at Shadow. Shadow simply uses a SPEED UP to dodge it.*

Shadow: it will take alot more than that to beat me Sonic. CHAOS SPEAR! *shoots a CHAOS SPEAR at Sonic. Sonic uses the same method as Shadow to dodge it.* ok.... so now it is monkey see, monkey do....

Knuckles: shut up! *runs up and attempts to punch Shadow. Shadow dodges to the side and kicks Knuckles in the back of the head. Knuckles twists around to face Shadow* you will pay for that.... Take This!!!! *shoots a LIGHTNING attack at Shadow from close range. Shadow gets hit and flies back. Shadow gets up.*

Tails: um.... Sonic... how do i use this?

Sonic: Tails!

Shadow: perfect..... *Shadow uses CHAOS CONTROL to get behind Tails. Shadow then grabs Tails in a strangle hold.* bring it on Sonic.... you aren't afraid of me killing your friend here are you?

Sonic: stop hiding behind him! c'mon & fight like a hedgehog!

Knuckles: i think i can get him. he may have Tails, but i can hit Shadow. i'll take the shot...

Sonic: NO! don't risk it.i have a good idea though...... Tails.....

Tails: yeah...... *begins spinning his tails. eventually they get fast ebough to make a whirlwind, throwing Shadow off slightly*

Sonic: SONIC WIND! *Tails propels himself away from Shadow just as the SONIC WIND hits him.* perfect...... you ok Tails......

Tails: fine......

Shadow: *grins and starts laughing.* good job..... i guess it is time for you all to die..... especially sense i have more power now..... *reviels the emerald that Tails had.* i snatched this in the same second i grabed him. now..... DOUBLE CHAOS SPEAR! *shoots a CHAOS SPEAR attack from both of his hands, one aiming for Knuckles, the other aiming for Tails. after impact they both are knocked out.*

Sonic: son of a bitch...... *looks at Shadow* i am going to kill you Shadow.... no matter what!!!!!!! *the ground starts rumbling. suddenly the roads crack up, and buildings begin folling apart. suddenly there is a blinding flash. Sonic opens his eyes to see that everything is still. there isn't any movement.* what is this? pretty good. huh? *sees that Shadow is also perfectly still.* maybe i could..... yeah..... *Sonic runs up to Shadow and takes his 2 emeralds. Sonic then takes the 3 emeralds & holds them infront of him, pointing at Shadow* TRIPLE SONIC WIND! *Sonic shoots 2 tremendous SONIC WIND attacks at Shadow. just before impact they also freeze. suddenly, they move again and go through Shadow, & Shadow flies back. Sonic then notices that everything is moving again. Sonic looks back at Shadow who is now laying on the ground with a hold just between his neck & right sholder, & a large burn mark near his stomach. Sonic walks up to Shadow* ok.... now... it is finally over. SONIC WIND!!! *holds his hands out and shoots another SONIC WIND at point blank distance, completely divouring Shadow.* no more..... finally... no Eggman, no Shadow..... perfect.... *passes out.*

*ambulances drive up. parametics come out & load the 3 heroes on stretchers & put them in the ambulances. the ambulances drive off. later that day they all wake up in the same room, watching TV. the news comes on, & a man with a microphone walks out at the battlefield for the fight.*

man w/ microphone: apparently, Sonic the Hedgehog has saved us yet again. he defeated what scientists are saying is the ultimate life form, created by Professor Gerald Robotnik 53 years ago on the Space Colony ARK. a group of scientists also went to the Mystic Ruins, there they found the workshop of Miles "Tails" Prower. there they found some gems of ancient power. they say that legend has it they were controled by a greater force. they are now looking for this force.

*Knuckles' eyes widen. he takes out the master emerald & looks at it.*

Shadow's voice: they try to get your emerald. i told you Knuckles..... this is only the beginning. they will hunt for your emerald until they find it. you need to show them it is yours. sense i'm gone, i can't help you. good luck.