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Choas Wars
The New Era
(Previous Events)
Prologue 1: Birth of Kaos

____ Long ago, there was a planet. This planet was called Zyronis. this planet existed two races of beings. these beings were not friendly and niether wanted to share the planet. they all went to war. This war lasted for over four years. most of the planet was destroyed when there was only two beings left, one from each species. On this last day of the war, a storm was brewing in. This was the most devistating fight, with the most devistating storm to hold it. Something unexpected happened. Before these two could finish each other off, a bolt of lightning struck from the sky directly between them. as the lightning cleared, a creature made of liquid and evil appeared in its place. Today, that planet no longer exists, and nobody know what happened to the beings that were on it.

Prologue 2: Chaos Wars

____ The being of power was called Kaos. it was traveling from planet to planet, destrying each one for its own bitter joy. As it made its way to the planet Earth, it was encountered by a spellcaster known as Roncie. Roncie cast a spell on Kaos, turning it to a human being, yet keeping him ammune to aging. The only way to reverse this spell was to find one of the eight Chaos Emeralds. After years and decades of searching, Kaos finds this emerald buried by a school for gifted beings. As it broke the spell, a brave group of these kids stood up to it and pledged to kill it. Among these young beings, Starlight, Safire, and Andril led the revolt against Kaos. Kaos has been fighting these teens for years now. Each one always anxious and alert with the fear that he may not be dead yet.

Prologue 3: SC Drives

Roncie, found out to be the wizard who trapped Kaos's power for so long, later joined him and has been transformed to an android by the G.U.N. to live eternally. Roncie betrayed Kaos by putting a permofrost spell on it. Now Roncie has discovered some power sources even better than Chaos Emeralds or Chaos Drives. These new SC(Super Chaos) Drives will be used to power the "Kaos Army" (a robotic army of Kaos.)

Prologue 4: The End of the Beginning

After being sidetracked for so long with other threats, the heroic team of Grishka, Starlight, Andril and the others have failed, and Roncie has recovered the last of the SC Drives. as Roncie was about to declare an attack upon the Earth, Kaos appeared and blasted him to death because of his betrayal. Now Kaos runs a powerful robotic army that might even put a stop to the heroes.
The Final Stand

It has been ten days sense Kaos proclaimed the attack upon Earth. Keifer, Kaos's army general, has led the robot army into the towns and cities of the public to demonstrate their monsterous power. After realizing that a hedgefox was the general, Grishka and Andril realized that taking him out might hurt the enemy a great deal. But these robots weren't a force to be taken lightly. Flashback: {During the night, Safire snuck away to try and fight these robots. She sneeks because she realizes that they might overpower all of the forces that stand in the way of the robotic army. After reaching a destroyed city, she noticed that a single robot was still there. She immediately launched an attack on the robot in attempt to destroy it. Just as she reached it, seven others appeared in front of her. It was a trap. After realizing Safire had left, Andril and Grishka immediately left the group to find her. when they reached the city, she was being beaten. after a huge blast from on of the robots, it seemed that she might not be alive. Grishka's mind went crazy. Andril quickly rushed to Safire to see her wounds. Grishka's power exploded and he launched a most devestating assult}