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a mountain cave somewhere in the arctic

Knuckles: damn them...... now everybody knows about the master emerald, Sonic has the chaos emeralds and is most likely coming after me, and to top it all off Angel Island is gone, so i am an easier target.

voice: there he is men, FIRE!

*suddenly 4 plains come out from the distance. each plain begins firing missles at Knuckles. Knuckles out of the cave and jumps ontop of one of the plains. doing this he looks back to see 4 more jets coming in. Knuckles takes his right fist and punches the left wing of the plain he is on. the plain begins to spin out of control as hr grabs the wing that has just broken off. Knuckles jumps off the plain and throws the wing into the closest jet. the wing hits the winshield of the jet, and the man inside.*

Knuckles: sons of bitches...... huh!? *looks back to see a missle heading his way.*

*the missle impacts and explodes. Knuckles then appears on the nose of a jet. suddanly, there is a quick flash of yellow and Knuckles is gone. Knuckles appears ontop of a nearby mountain, and Super Sonic appears infront of him.*

Knuckles: stop getting in my way Sonic!!!

S Sonic: Sonic Wind!!!

Knuckles: damn you...

*Knuckles jumps up and dodges the Sonic Wind, which goes through the mountain. Knuckles then shoots his Lightning attack and strikes SSonic down. SSonic gets up and starts hovering again. SSonic then flies and tackles Knuckles off the mountain. a jet flies up and shoots a missle at the 2, SSonic looks to see the missle coming and tries to dodge, but Knuckles grabs on and uses SSonic as a shield. SSonic is hit by the missle and Knuckles lets go of him and watches him fall down to the ground. Knuckles goes after the jet, then sees the Tornado 2 fly in behind him. he sees Tails in the cockpit.*

Knuckles: don't you dumbasses ever give up!?