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Here is a list of items I am looking for that I will take in trade instead of money.  Under RPGs, I list books I am interested in, all new editions of course, but if you have others go ahead and offer them.  Under wargames, I mention which games I am interested in miniatures and books from.  Just email me what you have to offer and I will tell if you I want anything.  If you have any RPG or wargame stuff not on the list email me anyways if you want to offer it.


Call of Cthulhu books (not D20 one)

Exalted books

Mage, Werewolf, and Hunter books

Rifts books

Jovian Chronicles books

Warhammer Fantasy RPG

Star Wars

Warhammer 40k Inquisitor

Heavy Gear



Warhammer 40k minis

Warzone minis

Warmachine minis

Mordhiem minis

Any old Rogue Trader or Warhammer 40k 1st edition books

40k Codexes and any 40k game books or novels.