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Vampire Princess Miyu

Description: Vampire Princess Miyu is a tale about a girl, who just happens to be a vampire (family thing and all), who hunts the Shinma that delight in human misery and death. The anime has a dark feel. The main character is not Miyu but a spirituralist named Himiko who is intriguied about Miyu and begins looking for her more. Miyu is forced to hunt the Shinma that was released from their sleep during Miyu's and her mother's efforts to keep her from taking her mother's place. To do so, she is given immortality in her child-like form. The anime is very nicely done and I recommend watching them.

Details: 9 VCD's w/English subtitles. OVA is 1 movie disc. Full series, episodes 1-26 + OVA.

Price: $16.00