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Revolutionary Girl Utena

Description: Once upon a time their was a Princess who was very sad for her mother and father had died. While sitting on the ground near her parents grave a "Prince" on a white horse rode in and wrapped the Princess in a rose Scented embrace (The princess is the Child Utena) he spoke to the princess "Dear Princess never lose your nobility even when you grow up". The prince wiped away the tears of the sobbing princess and placed a ring on her finger. The Princess figured that this might be an engagement ring as the Prince Rode off. This was all well a good but so inspired by the prince that the Princess vowed to become a Prince herself one day.....Was this really such a good idea?

Details: 13 VCD's w/English subtitles. Movie is 1 movie disc. Full series, episodes 1-39 + Movie.

Price: $22.00