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Description: In the year 2087, Earth is attacked by an alien race - The Venemoids.  They overwhelmed Earth's military forces with their Spider-Crab monsters and seized control of the Space Ring - Mankind's greatest acheivement, a huge orbital station which surrounds the Earth - like Saturn's rings.  Based on the dark side of the Moon, they seeded on Earth, giant spore plants called "TeknoPods" which when fully matured will capture and mutate the human population into warriors loyal only to them.  In the midst of all this chaos, a mysterious young man falls into the hands of an organization trying to keep Earth free from Venemoid control - The Space Knights. The man's name is Slade, and while no one trusts Slade, he seems to have the power to transform into an armored warrior who now seems like the Earth's one and only hope of saving itself from the Venomoids.

Details: 11 VCD's w/English dubbed voices.  Full series.

Price: $18.00