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St. Luminous High School Mission

Description: Surrounded by hills and seas on all sides, St. Luminous Mission High School is a girls` school characterized by its liberal school spirit. One day two high school boys appeared to the school. They are Kaihei Kijima, who came to St. Luminous in accordance with his grandfather`s will, and his friend Ryuzo Tanami. Not being a positive person in nature, Kaihei ended up, in the course of nature, to take on the post of the Director of St. Luminous, according to his grandfather`s will. For his first job as the Director of school, Kaihei was asked to search for a girl student who had disappeared a few days ago. But he was so surprised to see the girl`s photo, which was given to him by Sister Akane. He had witnessed the girl named Merina Scaphisi only a few hours ago in the forest on his way to St. Luminous.

Details: 3 movie discs with English subtitles and Japanese voices.  Full series, episodes 1-13

Price: $9.00