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Rockman EXE

Description: In the not too distant future everyone is online. The World Wide Web is surfed by use of PErsonal Terminals called, PETs and artificially intelligent virtual friends called, Net Navis. In this alternate Rockman World, a boy named Netto(Lan to you GBA owners) strives to be the best in digital competitions called, Net Battles, where Net Navis go head to head in virtual showdowns to the finish. Each Navi has its strengths and weaknesses, but the edge is given in the form of Battle Chips(digital weapon upgrades sent by way of collectable data disks).  The plot kicks in to high gear when Netto recieves a much needed upgrade, to his often outmatched Standard Net Navi, from his father who happens to be a world reknowned scientist. Netto wastes no time to load the upgrade and in the middle of the night the upload finishes and his Navi's reformatted into.... Rockman! What follows is a light hearted fast paced techno-adventure as Rockman and Netto attempt to avert a series of suspicious accidents orchestrated by the mysterious World Three orginazation, who's lead by none other than Rockman's signature villian, Dr. Wily!

Details: 21 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Episodes 1-56 + OVA + Axes.

Price: $36.00