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Description: The Alien invaders "MU" showed up suddenly in the Tokyo sky in 2012. MU destroyed worlds armed forces by using there super-weapon called Dolorem. The story starts in Tokyo in 2027. The human race had already been mostly wiped out by the aliens except for the 23,000,000 people who live in Tokyo, Japan. At least, that is what the people who live in Tokyo think. But, the reality is just the opposite. Tokyo has been covered with a false hemisphere film which is called "Tokyo Jupiter" and it is isolated from the rest of the world. The residents in Tokyo Jupiter are led by people with blue blood, and are living in there lives in a lie. It is only Tokyo that is occupied by the aliens. Moreover, time has passed more slowly in Tokyo Jupiter. Therefore, 12 years have already passed in the world outside. TERRA is a military organization created as a MU countermeasure in world outside Tokyo Jupiter. High school student Ayato Kamina is led to RahXephon by mysterious girl Reika! Mishima, and escapes from Tokyo Jupiter with RahXephon, which synchronizes with him. Then, for the first time he learned the truth that the place where he had lived all his life has and is being ruled by the aliens. Now he has to fight using RahXephon against the world (Tokyo Jupiter) where his mother and his friends live.

Details: 10 VCDs w/English subtitles.  Full series.

Price: $16.00