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Description: In the darkest of nights, where ghouls and vampires prey upon the souls of humans. Investigating cases of brutal murder and demonic possession is a detective uniquely suited to this line of work. But pretty-boy Shidou Tatsuhiko is no normal man by any means, but an ancient vampire using his powers to protect the human race from the predations of the Night Breed. His allies include the beautiful government agent, Yayoi, who is immune to the effects of vampire bites; Guni, a small imp-like being who provides surreptitious reconnaisance as well as a nasty shock bolt; and Riho, a high-school girl whose parents have fallen victim to the Night Breed. Faced with the reemergence of his sire, Kain, as well as rising activity by the Night Breed, Shido must choose whether to continue following the path of his human heart ... or fall to the urges and desires of his vampiric curse while facing down his own horrifying past.

Details: 3 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-12.

Price: $9.00