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NieA under 7

Description: Niea under 7, from the makers of Serial Experiments Lain, is a story of a starving cram school student who is stuck living with an alien in her closet.  This seems more amazing than it is, in fact, as aliens aren't so uncommon. The alien, NieA, is what is known as an 'Under 7', a class of aliens so low she considered nothing but an unemplyed freeloader. NieA spends her days grubbing food from the cram school student (Mayuko), making garbage UFOs, and generally doing what she feels like.  Mayuko has to struggle with this hardship, as well as working several jobs, and making it through cram school.

Details: 5 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-13.

Price: $10.00