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Description: Mahoromatic. Gainax takes on the "maid" anime, and delivers what they do best... Fan service. Mahoromatic's story revolves around a middle school student by the Name of Suguru, and a maid he hires to do house work after his parents die. Mahoro is a Android who took part in a secret war to stem the tide of an alien invasion, and after quite a while of loyal service she is given the choice to leave the military(I can't find a more accurate term) and have only 1 year 'til deactivation(at reduced power)... Or remain and only have 3 months at most. Mahoro chooses to leave the army and instead of a life of peace and relaxation she chooses to become a maid.

Details: 8 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full 1st season, episodes 1-13 + special, 1-14 of 2nd season + YES special.

Price: $12.00