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Infinite Ryvius

Description: 16 year old Aiba Kouzi, wanting to become a ship's pilot, along with his younger brother Yuki and childhood friend Housen Aoi, all go on a training ship the Lieb Delta for hands on experience in their prospective fields. However, one month into the training, the Lieb Delta prepares to "dive" down to Sere One in the Gedoult Sea in order to repower. During the maneuver, the ship's trajectory suddenly changes and the ship starts to sink dangerously deep into the Gedoult Sea. However, in the panic and chaos, Kouzi and fellow students discover a secret hidden within the Lieb Delta. A great ship, the Ryvius.

Details: 7 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-26.

Price: $12.00