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Hunter X Hunter

Description: Gon, the main character of Hunter X Hunter was raised by Aunt Mito who never told him that his father, Jin is still alive. Jin is a GREAT hunter. His work is about that of the Three-Star Hunter. Gon wanted to meet his father, so he attended the Hunter Test. Aunt Mito didn't agree with the idea, but she had to let him go. The Hunter Test was so tough that it started even before Gon reached the Hunter Test area. He got on the ship whose the captain was also one of the judge. Only three people decided to continue their wills to attend the Hunter Test after a violent storm hit the ship. The three people are Gon, Kurapika, and Reorio. Kurapika and Reorio were about to fight but another violent storm hit the ship again. The mast broke and hit one of the sailor off the ship so Kurapika, Reorio, and Gon helped that guy. They then became friends.

Details: 25 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-62 + 8 part OVA + Green Island OVA 1-8 + GI Final OVA.  This is the complete Hunter X Hunter saga.

Price: $46.00