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Hand Maid May

Description: Our erstwhile hero, Kazuya Saotome, is an electrical engineering student at a local college. His hobbies are programming, building robot squid, and blushing madly every time his landlady's daughter (who bears a frightening resemblance to Urara from Sakura Diaries) slips through his room's window to talk to him (and I swear these bits were stolen from Clarissa Explains It All!). He also has a rival, a bizarre hyperactive mental case named Nanbara who's richer, smarter, better looking, and much more clever than Kazuya... at least, according to Nanbara. One day, the jealous Nanbara's plot for revenge results in Kazuya getting a package from Cyberdyne Corporation.Luckily for Kazuya, THIS Cyberdyne Corporation doesn't make Terminators. They're still in the robotics biz, though, and so Kazuya takes delivery of May, a pint-sized "cyberdoll" with a French maid's outfit, a desire to please, and a recharge port in a very intimate place.

Details: 4 VCD's w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-11.

Price: $10.00