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.Hack Sign

Description: Set in the near future on Earth, technology is growing and subsequently advances are being made in all areas of society. The informational highway known as the Internet is now back online and proceeding as expected. Several years prior to all of this, the Earth suffered from a severely devastating virus attack on the global Internet networks, which caused the online world to be completely shut down. As time wore on, the networks began starting up again, and the first MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) to be established was, 'The World,' was a medieval fantasy online game for people around the world. As such we are introduced to a setting where players take the role of characters within The World.

Details: 12 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-27 + Liminality OVA 1-3 + Legend of Twilight's Bracelet 1-12 also known as Hack Dusk.

Price: $18.00