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Description: The setting is a sci-fi world some time in our future. It is also a world very different from our own, although many fundamental `human' elements continue. For example technology has made huge advances but imperfections, and bugs, remain. Society itself has also been remodeled, based on an almost complete understanding of genetics, but human flaws, competition and conflict are only amplified by the existence of `perfect' people. And, at a higher level, questions of politics, control and rebellion remain as insoluble as ever. The particular story, however, is triggered by on outside occurrence. An immense artifact, a huge ring in space, has appeared in earths orbit. This, along with artifacts and discoveries, causing turbulence at the highest levels. One specific outcome being the formation of a project team, and new technologies, to investigate and contain any threat that these events may contain. Then again, it might be that the team contains, or even is, more of a threat than anything else the galaxy may contain.

Details: 3 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-13.

Price: $9.00