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Description: Aquarian Age is a card trading game. The storyline presents itself through the overall history of humanity. Over the past 2000 years, humanity’s existence has been one of unending bloodshed. Continuously fought by men who sough to control the world through power and authority. Throughout time it was believed that man controlled each outcome, however the conflicts and ensuing effects that war presented was actually the result of three groups of young girls, ‘Arayashiki,’ ‘Wiz-Dom’ and ‘Dark lore.’ Each possessed their sworn specific duty and determined how war in itself would end.  However despite the ensuing battles, the three powers could not settle the dispute over the past 2000 years. The turn of the century has now come, and the world now enters into a new age, the ‘Aquarian Age.’ This was foretold through prophecy in ancient scriptues and traditions passed on. It was simply referred to as “the period of change and reformation.”

Details: 4 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series, 1-13.

Price: $8.00