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Angels Tail

Description: It's the story about a down on his luck guy who happens to meet a fortune teller on a street corner one stormy night. That night he is visited by three angels who all happen to be reincarnations of former pets of his (Ran the goldfish, Tsubasa the parrot, and Kurumi the hamster). These three are to help him become happy, but anyone who's seen any amount of anime knows that three girls living with a guy bring anything but that. The only thing that saves this show from becoming another complete clichè is the cute theme of the souls of deceased pets coming back to be with their former owner. This guy must've had a lot of pets too, because a quick check of the website shows nine more angels that are on their way.

Details: 4 VCD's w/English subtitles.  Full series, episodes 1-12.

Price: $8.00