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Description: Kaneda nearly runs down #26, a child with fantastic psychic powers who detonates his friend Tetsuo's motorcycle. After Tetsuo is taken to the hospital the gang returns to their vocational high school and literally take a beating. They retreat to their favorite bar, Harukia and meet Kay and Ryu who are freedom fighters looking for #26. They later learn that the military is also hot on the trail of #26.  This issue lays the groundwork for the rest of the epic. #26 is one of many superpowered children who are trying to win their freedom from a government project. That struggle is the meat of the Akira epic. The story is very imaginative and quick paced. Some of the dialogue can be a little awkward due to translation issues. The whole story has a real doom and gloom, apocalyptic feel.

Details: Akira trade paperbacks 1-6, entire manga run, on 2 computer discs.  Excellent quality!

Price: $10.00