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Ai Yori Aoshi

Description: Ai Yori Aoshi is a wonderful new anime that has opened the Spring anime line-up with a BANG :D The only way I can describe it is Love Hina for adults. Aoi Sakuraba is a young lady that has wanted to be with Kaoru Hanabishi ever since she was little. She travels to where Kaoru currently is living and tells him that she is his fiancée. Kaoru soon remembers Aoi from his childhood and slowly starts to fall in love with her. They decide to live together and Aoi finds out the horrible secret of why Kaoru left the Hanabishi family. Since Aoi comes from a very wealthy and prestigious family such as Kaoru they soon become apposed by both sides of their families. Of course, no actual anime can ALWAYS be a fairy tale. There are always people who oppose such things as that. This anime is a great break from the weird and somewhat cheesy anime romances. The character interaction is the whole reason you need to watch this anime. Even a person that doesn't like romance will love Ai Yori Aoshi. With beautiful background music and a wonderful storyline its a major must see!

Details: 10 Movie discs w/English subtitles.  Full series + Dream story & Miyuki OVA + Enishi.

Price: $18.00