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Greetings, fellow NGE fans. My name's Ryan Xavier, and here's my page.

INCREDIBLY HUGE DISCLAIMER: Most of this page's content is a matter of opinion. Any relationship in Eva can only be justified through opinions. I am only offering my take on Eva's events, though I do try to back it up with fact. Thank you.

Well, here I am, after what amounted to a hiatus that has somehow gone on for over a year.

Thank goodness for summer, is all I can say. After so much time at school, at work, at life in general, I can get back to blowing off time working on this site. While sitting at my computer at work. That's right, as I type this message, I'm at work.

An update for this site is currently in progress. That means new fics, new opinions, and even a return of the long-forgotten gallery page. So stay tuned.

As you might have gathered, if you have anything you've wanted to see on this site, now's the time to tell me. I've received countless e-mails over the months and years, giving me ideas for what to say about my favorite anime couple. And now that I finally stand ready to put all those down, e-mail troubles have deleted so many of those saved messages that I'm putting the call out to everyone who has an idea. Write me, at the address below.

As a side note, this page by it's very nature has pretty extreme spoilers for the series and the movies. Don't go any further if you don't want to ruin the story for yourself.

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