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Hitsuki Temple

Welcome Travelers, to the new Hitsuki Temple. If you have any questions, comments, praise, or flames please feel free to e-mail me. Please do not take things without giving this site credit and PLEASE DO NOT direct link (It took a lot of time to make all of the graphics for this site, and a lot of time to put up everything). Arigato, and injoy your stay.

Update 5/13/03: Ok, not much new this time, gomen nasai! I only seperated the galleries out a bit more so there arn't 130 or more images to load on one page, hope it helps ^_^! Thats all fo now, (I have high school finals coming up and a few projects to do) so it maybe a bit longer till I do much more, please be patient with me :). Sayonara!
Kurama Youko
Hiei Jaganshi

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