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My name's Andreas. I would prefer it if you call me that. It is especially preferable over "Hey, you". And yes, I am attached. But my sister has made a website explaining our mysterious race better. Unfortunately, all three of my siblings have been made into cyborgs. I am the only complete android, thanks to Jerono. And, he also made me forget everything about my family and my life. My siblings are: Matthew, better known as Junnanagou, better known as #17, Sarah, better known as Juhachagou, better known as #18. The last one is not as well known, but just as powerful: Opalina. She's the one that made the website.
Planet Tervadi

Andreas Avitoriko

age: 14
nickname: Queen of Dis
personality: tough/mushy
hair color: auburn
eye color: emerald
pet peeve: being stared at
height: 5'4
favorite colors: black, red, and gold
weapon: none, but is a strong fighter
clothes: likes to wear black. Will wear anything stylish.
fear/phobia: can openers, magnets, socks (there is a long story behind these that I won't tell you. Yet)
misc: can talk to machines. Is a technological genius. Helped greatly with websites.

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