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My name is Kudo, to you. Actually, it does bug me how people call me Kudos, and make fun of my name. According to those high and righteous dictionaries (some people worship them, I ain't sayin' who) (I know ain't ain't good grammar. Get over it.) Oh, yeah, I was talkin' about dictionaries. They don't even acknowledge my existence. And spell check? Don't even go there. MY NAME IS KUDO, NOT KUDOS! Okay, I'll admit it was a mistake, started by some poor depraved person who thought kudos was plural, and kudo was the singular version and- Dear Lord- I'm getting myself hyped up over a word history. Well, it's okay, actually, because the word in question is the name of moi, and, well, you don't need any more explanation than that. (I'm not snooty! I swear by all the weapons in my vest and my overly flirty sister! (more on that later (wow! parantheses within parantheses!)) I'm just a USDA certified 100% all natural narcissitic vain egomaniac. Got it?)(or do you got milk?) I'm politically opposed to grammatical correctness.....

Kudo Seshawa
height: 5'6
pet peeve: jealous people, being called a 90-lb. weakling (by the jealous people)
hair color: golden blonde
eye color: bright green
species: human/saiyan
age: 17
personality: silly/vain/humble/hypocrite
misc: spends about 1/2 hour doing hair
fear/phobia: cats, gooey things
weapons: way too many. He has about 100 different kinds of weapons hidden in his vest
clothes: white T-shirt, black vest, blue or black jeans, black belt, white sneakers
occupation: student, gang leader (actually, it's not as bad as you think. They're like a peace gang).

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