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Hola, senores y senoritas. Como estas ustedes? Mi llamo Jeremy. I really speak English. I was just trying a new identity. Ya see, I once told myself when the going gets tough, put a paper bag on your head and join the witness relocation program. Okay-dokay, I'll admit, I'm a smidgen paranoid. Actually, I'm really paranoid. I have no idea why I'm telling you this. You're going to track me down, aren't you? Fine, fine, fine I'll tell you the informatoion. I'm a misunderstood genius. I can handle anything thrown my way (books, office chairs, false accusations, etc). Ducking is always good.

Jeremy Miryama
height: 6'8
nicknames: Mr. Pretty Pink Bow, Caffiene Machine
hair color: navy blue with light purple streaks
eye color: bright blue
favorite color: navy blue, black
pet peeve: being called a girl, and my brothers
personality: has evolved from hyper to wimpy to paranoid/friendly. Was hyper because of a curse by Jerono.
fear/phobia: spiders, the whole world, chainsaws
age: 24
weapon: hanger of death
clothes: T-shirt, strip of cloth around waist, usu. red, blue jeans, grey shoes
occupation: fashion model (just kidding). Does odd jobs
misc: has mental link with Jerono. Has a twin named Jeremiah. Is an extreme pacifist.

The Almighty Vash

(Note: the pictures do not match the wav file. Speaking of that, it plays while it loads, so I would suggest muting it the first time then playing it again. Otherwise it's as choppy as minced onion. Yum!)

Repeat after me: Love and peace!
Vash cries (how sad!)
Vash and kids (with Millie and Meryl typing a report)
Vash introduces himself to Wolfwood
Someone makes a request to Vash (mean! :P)
Opening theme for Trigun

Home: a shelter, a main place for something.

My thoeries