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Ummmmmm........ hello. My name you probably already know, but you don't know who this is. My given name was- is- whatever- Jeremiah. Now, though, I am going by the name Cyan, so as to eliminate prejudices and sterotypes about the name. You probably think I am a stuffy jerk. Well, I was, though it was not me exactly. Others saw it as me, but it was not. Lack of words always comes at the awkwardest moments. I was- possessed- to put it nicely. By someone who you shall know only as HIM. Let's change the topic. Gawd, am I a spineless jellyfish. Can't handle te rigors of daily life. Spend half of it on the ground, due to some kind of mental problem. I'm sure they have a special, degrading term for people like me. That was a beautiful topic. Would you care for me to continue? No. (mutters something). Nothing. Lessee, I've taken care of muttering, saying nothing (in both senses), insulting myself, explaining, and- gulp- mentioning HIM. All I need to cross off on my To Do list to make this a complete Cyan is to mention feet and faint. I just mentioned feet, let's see what we can do about fainting. The problem is, I faint in response to someone. I don't think I've ever made myself faint. Okay, sometimes in the morning when I inadvertently look in the mirror. Is there a mirror nearby? Agh! (faints)

Cyan Miriyama
age: 26
height: still 6'8"
eye color: that hasn't changed either. Still utramarine.
clothes: baggy white T-shirt with tan cargo pants
personality: moody, stubborn, semi-silly, responsible
fear/phobia: losing those that he cares about, or hurting them.

I would suggest you get a medic, but I guess you can leave