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Hello! In the process of making this website, I sifted through a lot of songs to find the perfect ones. Due to the fact that I only have 8 pages, I had to leave out a LOT. And there's some I just can't live without. I've got every type possible- Bluegrass, rock and roll, Arabian, romantic, Austrailan, Greek, Celtic, techno, alternative, hymns, classical, and even a few from Ranma 1/2. They have been picked by a strict standard, that, if if when listening, I hum along or tap my feet, I get it. You can get them from my website by right clicking on them. I don't care. In fact, I encourage you. When listening to a favorite, I leap out of my chair, do a made up dance and sing along. It isn't pretty. Favoites are typed likethis.There are ones I considered using on my webpages, but changed my mind at the last second. The only ones I did not even consider changing are: Jerono, Kudo, and Derek. Everyone else's has been changed back and forth at least two times. And you can expect many more to come.

Desert Rose by Sting