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The Theory of a Misunderstood Genius

A Misunderstood genius is a true genius because they have a different way of thinking, which makes someone a genius, and people do not understand that. If you are just a plain genius, that means you just have absorbed a lot of information about the topic and can do it well. A misunderstood genius, however, will look at at it in a different way and create new bounderies.
If you can understand this, then you are probably a misunderstood genius.

People say I'm clueless, but they do not realize there is so much more to me, so they are clueless, and I understand them and myself, so I am not clueless. Plus, I recognize my own cluelessness, so that means I am definitely not clueless.

The 'abnormal' people are the only sane, logical ones. Everyone else has lost their ability to think, so they cover it up by going along with everyone else, hoping what they are doing is right. And if it isn't, so many people start doing it that it becomes right.

Yeah, but who starts the fads? A person or group of people will decide somethng's cool, and everyone agrees. Those afterwards are just following the herd. The true, diehard fans are left out in the dust when suddenly what's hot is not.

All the greatest ideas are rejected. If people don't believe you, that's a good sign. It means you are truly thinking outside the hexagon. People are hungry for new information, but have a hard time accepting it.

I don't understand. Everyone talks about how it is the human's intelligence that made them a cut above everyone else. But it seems in modern times, strength and looks are prized above all, especially in school. I mean, who's paid more and remembered more- athletes or teachers? Also, if someone is especially smart, they get made fun of. Those with original thought are labeled 'weirdos' and rejected for the rest of their life. The rejects must join! Only they will understand each other, and they all have similarities in their own unique way.

"Time doesn't fly,'
the scientist said
and quoted equations that messed with my head

he went on and on
about wormholes, light, and a time machine
by this time my eyes had a glazed sheen

"C'mon now,
I want to show you my invention,"
he said, trying to get my attention

I resisted
"No!" I shouted.
the scientist merely pouted.

I left fast
I learned a lesson today
when talking to a scientist, don't use a cliche.

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