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Hello, there. My name's Mercedes. I don't know how to start this. Maybe I'll just complain, like Midget does about me. He's got no reason to complain,the ungrateful miscreatant. Sigh, but that's not worst of my troubles. Do you know a male that over 20 who's available? Could you be so kind as to direct me to him? I would be much obliged. I've had a bad run in recently, and I need a boyfriend. Bad. I've gone weeks without one. Oh, shoot. I'm playing the desperate role again. My manicurist told me not to do that. She's right, of course. They should be coming to me. But where are they? I'M WAITING! Oh so patiently.

Mercedes Jennifer Seshawa
height: 6'6
age: 23
eye color: Light Kelly Green (according to the Lands' End catalog)
hair color: 'light sandstone' (very, very pale blonde)
species: Saiyan/human
nicknames: Boss, She Who Must be Obeyed
fear/phobia: gooey things
pet peeve: ungrateful people
misc: has a love-hate thing going with her brother. Will be super protective, and hug him as he struggles to get away, or she will start chasing him around around the house, swearing, threatening to use her duffle. As you can guess, he doesn't like either.
weapon: duffle bag she carries around, and various things in hammer space.
occupation: Nordstroms clerk, model