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I have already introduced myself myself. But I should explain some things for those who have somehow stumbled across my page and are intrigued enough to continue. I am from the Green Planet. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's 100% factual. It's only the Green Planet in English. It has a much more complicated name. Anyways, not only am I from the Green Planet, I'm the ruler of it. I'm the High Muma. I just appear in the giuse of a human so I will not cause widespread panic. (Takes socks off ears) But for some reason I manage to anyways. But it's not always my fault.
Ya see, I'm psycic, and there are people from an another dimension or perhaps an alternate universe who communicate through me. That's what this wacko website is about.

Kasey Adams
Nicknames: Mariel; High Muma; Knives-Sama
height: 5'1
age: 14
pet peeve: normalness, things that repeat, normalness
fear/phobia: cars, bees
favorite color: green, purple, blue (In that order)
personality: silly, odd
eye color: teal
clothes: casual. Likes to wear plaid shirts, baggy jeans or overalls.
hair color: light brown with blonde highlights
misc: is serious once in a puce moon

The Others

(These are actually people. The images are representational. See if you can guess what is who, and why. Your answers are due tommorrow for homework.)

The T-shirt Page

Multiple Midis (not really)